Much...Muchier Names

My sister just informed me that they have free outdoor movies at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. It's on my bucket list to see an outdoor movie, so I will definitely be going. In August, they're showing Into the Woods. I will be going to any and all that I can. I mean, outdoor movies are epic, or so I'm told.

I'm having a blast writing this prequel. It's so much fun writing about my favorite characters when they were young. There are also a couple of characters that were already dead before the first book happened that I'll get to write about.

I found a blog called Dreaming Hobbit that is extremely helpful. The author is super relatable. I think I've been on there for a half an hour, reading posts and nodding my head in agreement. If you are a writer, or if you're bored, I suggest this blog. It is highly interesting and has an awesome layout (which I am slightly envious of. Why didn't I think of it?). Plus, the header is epic.

I think that I have an unhealthy obsession with names. Like, I have so many baby name websites bookmarked, but that's not the end of my obsession, oh no. I have a notebook reserved for names that I love with all my heart for characters. Whether the same sound a little crazy, odd, or just downright beautiful, if I like it enough, it goes into the notebook. I will spend an hour just surfing through name websites. Ach, I love naming my characters more than anything. Here are just a few of some of my favorites.
Girls                                     Boys
Kira                                   Rowan
Skye                                  Aster
Alia                                   Quint
Alba (it means dawn)       Atrus
Anya                                 Caden
Dasnee                              Blaise
Kalene                               Forest
Arden                                 Arlo

These are only a few of the names that I have. And I also love coming up with nicknames for the characters. Why is this so much fun? I should be focusing all this energy on actually writing the story. Oh well, what am I to do?

I've been reading more lately, and I feel like it's affecting my writing. I'm writing a bit better now that I've gotten back to reading. The scenes unfold a bit smoother, and the description sounds much more...muchier. You know? I'm glad that my reading hunger has been satisfied.

I just finished a book that had one of my favorite moments wrapped around it. The moment is when you finish the book and sit there for a moment, contemplating the plot, characters, setting, etc. And you realize, "I want to buy this. I want to see this book on my shelf." It's such a wonderful moment.



  1. Being obsessed about names is not too strange. Believe it or not, I once came across a blog that was completely dedicated to names and their meanings and all that fun stuff. Wasn't my cup of tea to continue reading the blog, but I found it interesting. I actually have a really awesome baby name book that I got second hand years ago, and still keep it around to come up with character names when I write, or anything for that matter.

    1. Whoa, that does sound like an interesting blog. And I can imagine that a baby name book would be quite handy during the character naming process.


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