May the Fourth

I finished my latest piano piece, and I am going to be moving on to learning I am the Doctor. I'm excited because I am slowly chipping away at my mile long list of songs that I want to learn. The song that I finished is so pretty to play. It's peaceful, but slightly melancholy. I love it.

On the 2nd of May we went to a May the Fourth celebration. It was a blast. There was a Star Wars quiz that I failed miserably. I decided to re-watch all of the Star Wars movies because the last time I saw it was at my 10th birthday party. It has been three years. THREE YEARS!! That is unacceptable. Anyway, back to the party. After the quiz there was Capture the Flag in the dark, and that was so much fun. I was a bit nervous at first because #1 I am not that fast, and #2. I am not too great at evasive maneuvering. In the end, I thought my team won (the Rebels), but it turns out the other team (the Imperials) was super sneaky and won in the end. To them I say, "We will get you next time." Oh, and, "Good game." We also stargazed and played some mind games that were super trippy. And most important of all, the food was delicious. ;)

Yesterday we were going through our movies for reasons, and we found all of the Star Wars movies. I thought we only had the original three! But no, we have all six! I am so watching those at least five times this summer. It's official. I will no longer be oblivious to the obscure "easy" Star Wars trivia.
I will be able to talk Tatooine moons with the best of them.

For a writing assignment, I'm writing a Phantom of the Opera paper. Originally I was going to compare the book vs. the musical, but they were just too different. So I instead decided to write about the main characters and look at there strong points, weak points, etc.
I'm actually supposed to be doing that right now. Oops. :)

I'm finally back on track of reading a lot more. In the past week I've read three books and it feels good. I have to be careful not to forget to read (I know, sacrilege) and focus on my writing too much, but I also have to make sure not to forget about writing and read too much. Both are so important to the other, and it's sometimes hard to find a balance (especially when you're a bookaholic). I think I'm doing good so far. If I had it my way, I would read 24/7.

I've decided to desert the Pic a Day thing. My sister challenged me to do it because she wanted to see how good I was at photography, and while I enjoy it, I am in no way good enough to show the pictures to the world.

Welp, I better actually go write my paper.



  1. Ugh, yes. Watch the Star Wars movies. We are all big Star Wars fans over here in our house. My husband, daughters, and I have a blast playing that online Star Wars game together. I also love reading Star Wars books.

    1. Oh yes, Star Wars is quickly becoming a family favorite (we've re-watched the first two so far). I've never tried the books, and I have meant to for a while, but life is always so busy. :) I'll have to check them out soon. :)


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