First Pic a Day.

Yesterday we went to the library and I got a TON of books! Like, I have so many books to read. Not that it's a problem. Too many books is never a problem. As I've been reading more of those writing books and stuff, I've been noticing things that I didn't notice before. Like in the first chapter I was recognizing the different subtle hooks that were used to make you want to keep reading, at the ends of the chapters I noticed the small cliffhangers, etc. It's been cool to be reading with a new perspective.

Today is the first of May and the first of my Pic a Day thing. I hope I can keep it up. Here it is.

My day so far has been a whirlwind of math and confusion. Math has never been my favoirte subject, and today was just another testimony to why. There was a math problem that I had to solve that went like this. There are cows and ducks in a field. There are 64 heads, and 228 legs. How many ducks are in the field?
My only thought to that is, "WHY??!!" After careful calculations I figured it out, but needless to say, the whole thing felt completely ludicrous.
I watched the latest Arrow episode. Warning: Spoilers from Arrow, Season 3 episode 21.
Everything that has happened has been so hard to believe. In the beginning when Oliver was training and Diggle was presented to kill, I had a heart attack. Luckily it was only a hallucination that it was Diggle. Later on, my second heart was when Oliver was prepared to kill Diggle. I mean, how far has he fallen? How deep has the actual Oliver retreated back into his mind? I want the old Ollie back.

Last night I was feeling a bit creatively disoriented and lost, so I decided to chill out and instead of writing, watch a movie. Out of all the movies that I have ever watched, there are only two that continue to make me happy and make me cry every time. Treasure Planet and Bridge to Terabithia. I know they're kid movies, but #1 I am still a kid. #2. I don't care.
So I watched Treasure Planet for what seems to be the 80th time. It never gets old for me.

So May the Fourth is coming up. I hope all you Star Wars geeks (myself included) are ready. There's a May the Forth party that I am super excited for. It should be a ton of fun.

Anywho, lots of stuff calling my name.