Okay, I've always wondered of yawns are actually contagious. A lot of people say they are, but I don't see how they could be. They don't carry any virus' or anything like that... Maybe it's a subconscious thing.
Huh, apparently yawning is linked to the part of our brain that controls empathy and the need to connect with others. That's why yawning is "contagious." Yawning can start with someone being tired and then it goes on and on. Huh,

I'm on the third season of BBC's Robin Hood, and I can't help but say this.
I love the Prince. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't like him because he's evil and oppressing all of England while his brother is away, but he's just so dang despicable that you have to love him. He's so ridiculous and horrible that I adore him. He's positively wonderful in the worst way possible.
And then there's Guy of Gisbourne. He is my favorite character. Well, one of them. (Caution: Spoilers) Off and on I would like him, then hate him, then love him again. But when he killed Marian...I was sure that I would hate him forever and I would never find any redeeming qualities in him. There was an episode where he was very kind to a prisoner, and I couldn't help but "Awww." Because he's so evil and despicable, but he has his moments of humanity and kindness. I have decided that he is wonderful. He's a complex character and I like that. The characters that are all evil really irk me sometimes.
I've grown quite attached to this show, minus the historical inaccuracies and costumes...etc. Overall it is wonderful and when it is over, I will miss it.

It took me longer than I care to mention to realize that Gisbourne was actually Thorin. I knew that they were both played by Richard Armitage but it didn't click.

These past three days have seemed so busy and full. That's good because I like busy, but it's odd. My day's are usually so laid-back and flexible, but with other people being involved, I've had to keep a semi-schedule.

Piano is going well. I'm glad that I picked this song to do. It's a lot of fun to be able to see the list of songs I can play growing longer.

Anywho, people coming over soon. Gotta dash.