Spacey-Wacey Tumblr

Woah, I just saw the first Ice Cream Truck of the summer. I heard that obnoxious, extremely catchy music in the distance, but quickly disregarded it. Then I heard it again a couple moments later, but this time it was closer. It drove by our house in a slow blur of childhood memories and many a moment spent wishing for that Ice Cream Truck to stop in front of our house. When my siblings and I were younger we weren't allowed much sugar, so when the Ice Cream Truck would come around, all the other neighborhood kids would get some, and we wouldn't. It was depressing.

One of my mother's friends asked if I would do a favor for her  while she was gone on vacation. She asked if I would turn her duck eggs in the incubator three times a day. Well, I first thought, "Sure, why not? That's easy enough." But then she brings the incubator over, and the tiny little duck eggs, and it's starting to look slightly more difficult. Oh well, whatever, I can figure it out. But then I put the eggs in the incubator and started to read the instructions. It's a lot more complicated than I realized. Oh dear. I'm kind of nervous because I don't want to kill her unborn ducks, but I have to do this since I already agreed to it. Ach, I'm going to be very careful. I also had to carry the eggs at one point, and as I was carrying them, all I could think about was me tripping and dropping them. That freaked me out properly.

Yay! I just finished Chapter Two of Scottish Gaelic and will now be working Chapter Three. I'm surpised it took me this long, I'm usually a quick learner, but anyway, I'm excited to be moving forward!
Recently my mom and I have been discussing starting a high school transcript for me because a lot of stuff that I've been doing recently (finishing novels, taking care of animals, reading high school level books, etc.) would be easy credit. I'm excited to see how much I have and how much I'll need.

Out of curiosity, I looked up Space Tumblr. There were a couple pictures that showed up. The first was

So hipster, right? Then I found some other ones that weren't so hipster.
That's gold right there.

Anywho, some people are coming over for a super secret project. Don't tell anyone.