Making the Perfect Pitch

Happy Easter everyone! For Easter we're going to be going to my grandparents house and having a mini-Christmas feast. It should be fun.

Reading Making the Perfect Pitch: How to catch a literary agent's eye. has been extremely helpful. Since my recent finishing of a first draft for my first novel, I've been thinking about that far away, oh so daunting, yet wonderful idea of one day getting my book published. For my birthday I acquired a book that was very wonderful and informative about writing in general. It mentioned how it was a very good idea to have an agent, and that got me thinking, would I need an agent? So far I can't see any cons to having an agent. If I had an agent, I would have an unofficial editor who really wanted my book to sell. The good thing about agents is that because they get paid on commission,they don't get paid until the book sells to a publisher. In other words, they don't get paid until I have the money to pay them (they get 15%). And I've also heard many stories of agents becoming close with their client and pretty much making their career. The agent helps with promoting your book and making sure that you get the best deal possible.
So far...
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I'm really thinking about it. Luckily I'm far enough away from that step to have plenty of time to think over it and weigh my options. That's what's been on my mind lately.

I am really happy with how Camp NaNo is going. I'm at 8100 words and going strong. This is a lot of fun. Plus, because I am very competitive it's forcing me to stay on my toes and keep writing even if I don't want to. And I guess that's what these are all about, pushing ones self until the breaking point to see what you are really capable of.

Today I did something I haven't done in ages. I went outside and picked a bouquet of flowers. Now when I say flowers, I mean forget-me-nots and dandelions and other weed-ish flowers that come from nowhere and won't go away. The reason why is because when I was younger, summer would roll around, and I would be outside picking flowers for my mother. She seemed to like them, but then again, I used to think she enjoyed housework. Anyway, that was nice being in the sunshine, listening to my iPod, and walking around our overgrown backyard picking weeds.

Why is Love is an Open Door so much fun in French?