#1 and #2 and #3

I am trying to plan and plot a novel, but it's not working. #1. I don't usually plot as much as I am, so it's a bit foreign. #2. I can't figure out whether or not to use first person POV or third person.
#3. When I opened a new document to start writing, I couldn't think of anything to say that would start off this novel the way I want it.
Uhg, writing is hard. Well, it depends on where I am in a novel, and the novel's premise. Sometimes the first sentence can be the easiest thing, and other times the hardest.
Anyway, after staring at my screen in desperation, I decided to write a short story off of a random pic. I chose one that had sparked my interest and started to write. After only 250 words, I couldn't keep going. The words were only halfway okay, and the mood was dull and just not something I wanted to continue. Maybe this is a good chance for me to start editing? Maybe. Yeah. I think I'll just edit mercilessly without a care in the world. Editing, here I come.

Okay, I went out in the woods for a while to read in the sun. While I was there, I started to get ideas for my novel and scenes popping into my head. Now I'm leaning towards writing again. I keep going back and forth between editing and writing. I need to just pick one, and stick with it.

Last night we went to Edmond's beach again. The sunset was stunning. The sky was a soft, pastel blue. The clouds soft and wispy, curling around the colors from the sun. Pink and yellow were streaked across the horizon, sails of boats silhouetted in the distance. It was a gorgeous walk across the beach with my entire family. Bethany was taking pictures like crazy, and Ben started a sand war. It was a lot of fun.

Come May, I think I'll do something that my sister challenged me to do. A picture a day. Now, it doesn't necessarily have to be taken by me, but it has to somehow relate to my day or whatever.

Anywho, I'm really wanting to watch the latest Agents of Shield. So...BYE!