Miserable Camping and POTO

I'm re-watching DW right now, and I had forgotten how much I liked Queen Victoria. She's awesome. I mean, she's so...firm and strong. Well, she has to be; she's the queen. Her dry wit is appreciated as well, and I loved how she had the composure to kill a man to protect herself. She kept true to her beliefs and thought of her kingdom through it all, but I do wish that she was a bit more accepting to the Doctor and Rose. Also the boyish charm of Ten, ammiright? Ahh, I love this show.

I hope that I am able to go camping this year. It has to be one of my favorite things to do. It's so relaxing and fun with the entire family. Maybe we'll do what we did two years ago, go three days before our family reunion and go camping, then go to the reunion, but the time that we did it, it rained the whole time. It was drizzly and miserable. I remember huddling in the cold car eating mushy oatmeal. It's funny, looking back, I can see the humor in it all, but when I was in that car poking the oatmeal, I was ready to go jump off a cliff.

Did you know that the 14th is National Pie Day? Yep, that is a holiday worth celebrating. :)

I'm watching Phantom of the Opera right now, and so far I love it. It's almost better than the book. I think they both have such different angles that it is hard to compare them.

Ahh, and the soundtrack to DW is impeccable! I'm re-watching Season 2: Episode 7.

Editing is going well, but I don't know what I'm going to do about Camp NaNo. I don't even have a story idea prepared for it. I'm going to need to figure something out.

Anywho, dinner is ready, and it's one of my favorites. Oriental chicken salad for the win.


  1. YES!!! You're finally watching Phantom! *High Five* I have to say that I like the musical more than the book, although I still love the book. And like you said, they're hard to compare.

    1. Oh yeah, I'm taking a writing "class" to learn how to formulate proper essays and I decided to write a paper on the musical vs. the book. I think it'll be fun to compare them like that.
      I had no idea that anyone actually read my blog except for maybe Alina. :)

  2. I can't wait to see you in person so you can tell me all about what you thought of Phantom!!! So far I haven't read the book yet, so I really don't know how they compare. I will read it eventually though.

    As soon as you create a novel on Camp NaNo I can invite you to a private cabin with a chat room-ish thing and everything. :) I can't wait till it starts! :)


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