Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chickens and Rabbits

The craziest thing happened the other day. Bethany and I were in the side yard about to play a game of basketball, when Mother and Ben pulled up in the car. We went to go say hi and see where they had gone, but when Ben got out of the car, we heard little peeping noises. There was a box on his lap that Bethany and I looked inside. Chicks. We had gotten six fluffy, tiny, adorable chicks.
Right now Ben is building the chicken coop that they will be transferred to in a couple weeks. They are so cute!

Editing is going brilliantly. I am over halfway done! I want to finish before April so I can focus on my Camp NaNo book. So I really have to crank down and edit with every spare second.

I'm watching Wicked right now for the first time. I've heard most of the songs, but I've never actually seen the entire thing. I finally found it on YouTube today and it is awesome!! I am totally obsessed with it now.

Last night we went to a friend's house and I had my first unofficial piano lesson. I am very glad that we were able to talk piano because I had no idea of most of those things. They hadn't occurred to me. I am excited to experiment with some of the things that I was told.

Mother and Ben are on their way to get two rabbits right now. I'm so excited.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Part of the Club

The Bookshelf Tag~
Two blogs that I follow have now done this tag and I am starting to feel left out (not really). I decided to do it. Here goes.
Describe your bookshelf (or wherever it is you keep your books-it doesn't actually have to be a shelf!) and where you got it from:
Okay, my bookshelf used to be about four feet high and light blue. It was perfect for my room, but then all my books outgrew it and the weight of all the books started to crack it. I had to get a new one. I found my current bookshelf on Craigslist in the free section. It has a couple scuffs and marks, but nothing terribly noticeable.

Do you have any special or different way of organizing your books?
Um, I usually do whatever is aesthetically pleasing to me at the time. I sometimes just sit down in front of my bookshelf and then get the urge to re-organize it. My system is mostly random, but once in a while I'll do from tallest to smallest. 

What's the thickest (most amount of pages) book on your shelf?
Probably Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

What's the thinnest (least amount of pages) book on your shelf?
A Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

Is there a book you received as a birthday gift?
Oh yes. About...10 of my books were gifts. But 6 of that 10 is a series that I got as a set for my twelfth birthday. And then I got the other four for my thirteenth birthday from my siblings. 

What's the smallest (height and width wise) book on your shelf?
Again, that would be A Bad Beginning. That thing is super tiny. If I had Black Star, Bright Dawn on my shelf, that would be the smallest, but it's downstairs on the family bookshelves.

What's the biggest (height and width wise) book on your shelf?
Including height, that would be The House of Hades by Rick Riorden. I got the UK cover (it was cheaper), so it's taller than any other of my books. For some reason, most of the UK books I've seen are a lot taller. 

Is there a book from a friend on your shelf?
Yeah, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I think it was. A friend just gave me her extra copy when I said I was looking for that book. It was unexpected and incredibly kind. So, thanks. ;)

Most expensive book?
Most expensive in general? Or just most expensive that I bought? The most expensive book on my shelf is The Blood of Olympus. But the most expensive one I've bought is The Mark of Athena at fifteen dollars. I usually either buy my books used for five dollars or have a gift-card or something, so it was quite a strange feeling to see fifteen as the price of one book. But it was worth it. :)

The last book you read on your shelf?
That would be a book called The Summer of the Gypsy Moths. That one was a gift from my sister. 

Of all the books on your shelf, which was the first you read?
Auralia's Colors. That book is so rich in description that I have read it so many times and it never gets old. It helped me see what good description really is and how to really paint a picture.

Do you have more than one copy of a book?
Nope, I used to have more than one copy of three books, but I sold them for more money so I could buy more books. I got the copies from Amazon who messed up an order (sending me two instead of just one) and then one copy arrived damaged so I got to keep the damaged one as well as the newer one. Then I received a gift of a series set but I already had the first book of that series. 

Do you have the complete series of any book series?
Oh yeah. I have 9 completed series.

What's the newest addition to your shelf?
The Unwanteds: Island of Fire

What book has been on your shelf FOREVER?
The Giver

What's the most recently published book on your shelf?
The Blood of Olympus. It came out in October.

The oldest book on your shelf (as in, the actual copy is old)?
The Sea of Monsters. I've had it for ages. I even had it before I had the bookshelf or started collecting my favorite books.

A book you won?

A book you'd hate to let out of your sight (aka a book you never let someone borrow)?
All of them. Just kidding, I'm willing to let all of them out of my sight. Just because if the person is being lent the book, then I know they will take care of it, so I am okay with letting go of any book on my shelf. But the one I am most hesitant to let go of is a book called Waiting for Normal. It's very dear to my heart because #1 it was a gift. And #2 it is a story that when I was younger really impacted me. 

Most beat up book?
The Lightening Thief. I've read it a million times so the cover is showing a lot of wear and tear.

Most pristine book?
Island of Fire since I got it in late October and it had just come out. 

A book from your childhood?
A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was the first series I ever completed and I loved it with all my heart. It was so whimsical and quirky, yet it was terribly depressing. These Baudelaire kids just couldn't catch a break from all the horrible things that happened. And I loved the building plot. At first it seemed like each book was just another adventure, but then as I got older and reread the books, I could detect the building plot. It was a wonderful story.

A book that's not actually your book?
The Sea of Monsters. It was left at my house by an old friend and then we lost touch with that friend and so the book just stayed at our house. I claimed it as my own. That was actually how I discovered Percy Jackson. 

A book with a special/different cover (e.g. leather bound, soft fuzzy cover etc.)?
Not really.

A book that is your favorite color?
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. I got an odd copy that I can't figure out where it came from, but the entire cover has a bluish grayish look to it. Blue is my favorite color and I think that's as close as I'm going to get.

Book that's been on your shelf the longest that you STILL haven't read?
Oh no, it doesn't go on my shelf unless I have read it and loved it. The shelf is a badge of honor for a book. It says that that book was good enough to make it past inspection, it is loved. All the books on my shelf have been read at least twice.

Any signed books?
Unfortunately I have no signed copies.

And there it is. Now you know everything about my shelf. What you will do with that information I have no idea. 
Anyways, I feel much better now. I am a part of the Bookshelf Tag club.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Trip to the Coast of Stars

I am back from a weekend trip to the Washington coast to visit some family. At first I thought I might be too sick to go, but then I woke up on Thursday (the day we left) well enough to go. The drive was beautiful and refreshing to have a change of scenery, especially as we drove along the waters edge, and the sun was so bright on the water. When we got to our grandma's house it was really cool seeing everyone who was there. That night we pretty much just hung out and talked around the bonfire that had been started.
On Saturday we went to Insurgent at their local movie theater. It was good, not as good as the first movie, but good. I haven't read the book, and frankly, I don't really care to anymore. Bethany said that it kind of went downhill from there, so I don't want to really become invested just to end on a sour note, as well as I know how it all ends. That night we all went for a walk on the beach at night. It was very dark. In that area they have bears, so when we were walking to the beach we were all on edge a bit. My aunt and brother were constantly making jokes of "What was that?" and throwing rocks in the bushes so it would rustle. When we got to the beach it was beautiful. There were more stars than I had ever seen before. They should call it the Coast of Stars.

            "The stars were bright and twinkling. They winked at us as we walked. The sound of the                     water crashing over the sand mingled with the howling of wind rushing past out ears and                     dancing through our hair." -Description of our walk to our grandmother who stayed behind.

My grandmother owns a Foosball table. I've never really been a Foosball person, and I had played only a couple times before this trip, but when I was coerced into playing a match with my cousin, I began to see why people like this game so much. Soon I was asking everyone to play, and my hands began to get a little sore from playing it so much. It was awesome.

It was a wonderful trip filled with bonfires, foosball matches, and clam chowder. I love going down and seeing everyone that lives down there.

Anywho, I haven't seen the latest Arrow, and I am nervous to. Supposedly someone is going to die. Arrg, the speculation is what is killing me. I need to watch the episode and expect the worst.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kermit's St Patrick's Day.

I'm re-watching The Fires of Pompeii and it's weird seeing Amy and Twelve before they were Amy and Twelve. When I first watched this episode it meant nothing to me, but now looking back, it's like "Hey!! I know that face..."
It's funny, whenever I watch Doctor Who I see the producers name Phil Collinson, and the dyslexic Marvel nerd in me always sees Phil Coulson.

I've started using Pandora. I never did before, but lately it's been revolutionary. I always thought that it would for the first few songs give you what you want, but then after that it would derail and go into really weird music, but I've been on Hans Zimmer Radio for two days and so far no weird music. It's all been really great and inspirational. I'm glad that I decided to try it.

The internet is back up for two months. We're renting a internet motum until Tax Season is over. Who-hoo!! I have internet again. Yesterday I didn't have it all, so I'm glad to have it back.

Piano is going well, I'm over halfway done with the piece and it sounds great. I should be done with it by the end of the month. I'm excited.

I keep forgetting that yesterday was St. Patrick's day. I would have been annihilated. I wore no green. Sorry everyone. :) In honor of the late St. Patrick's Day, here is Kermit the Frog.

You said it jhart87, I've been laughing for days. This is great.
Happy late St. Patrick's Day and while we're doing holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Easter.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Tea, Books, and Doctor Who

I think I'm almost done with this cold. I feel a lot better than I did yesterday. Luckily books and tea and Doctor Who have saved me.

I rooted around our pantry for an easy breakfast, and I found this weird dehydrated red beans and rice soup thing. I crumbled some tortilla chips in it, and it's not half-bad. A tiny bit flavorless though.

I have a lot of writing to do for the next couple of weeks. Editing, Camp NaNo prep, Secret Project, etc. I'm going to be pretty busy, but that's okay, I like busy. And it's really nice to have something productive but relaxing to do when I feel under the weather. Speaking of weather, I can't believe that it's not spring yet. The weather lately (except for yesterday) has been so spring-ish that I was convinced it was. Then I looked at the calendar and realized that the year isn't as far along as I thought.

Yes, Arrow and Flash are back on this week. It's been agonizing waiting for them. I also need to catch up on the latest episode of AoS. It's funny, I always forget about Agents of Shield, then I see an advertisement for it and I freak out and get so excited. It's like, "That's right! I have that awesome show to watch!!"

I re-watched Prince of Egypt the other day and I have to say that is one of my favorite Dreamworks movies. The soundtrack is impeccable and it is just an overall beautifully done movie. It is one of the most biblically accurate movies I've ever seen, and it's really kid friendly while maintaining that ageless feel that can capture any audience. It's great.

Lately I've been watching a lot of movies that have just come out and it's weird being able to say that. Normally I have to wait at least four or five months for them to come to Redbox and then finally be bale to watch them, but lately we've been going to Crest Cinema to see them. Crest Cinema is four dollars per ticket. Not bad at all. Though you do have to wait maybe a month before they get to Crest, but that's an easy price to pay. :)


Friday, March 13, 2015

The Brady Bunch and Sickness

Editing is going super well. I don't know if I'm doing it right, but is there really a 'right' to editing? I guess it's more of a trial and error kind of thing. :)

Unfortunately I have the flu. It seems like I always get sick this time of year and then not at all for the rest of the year. I don't know if that's just me, but it's no fun. 

All day the internet has been pretty squirrelly, and I haven't been able to get much done. My time has mostly consisted of watching The Brady Bunch and eating chicken noodle soup, as well as editing two chapters! I'm happy with my progress.

I am super pumped for Camp Nano. I have no plot, no developed characters, and no official title. This all has been scrambled up at the last second. Here's hoping that I make it. I'm trying for a prequel to the two books that have been my main focus for two years. I'm really happy with how they turned out, and I'm hoping that the prequel will turn out okay. I don't want it to take over my month and it should be fine, but I am a tiny bit more concerned than I was for NaNoWriMo. I mean, I've really just slapped this thing together, but I should be fine. Maybe? 
But at the same time I want to do revisions on my two novels, so maybe I'll just do that? I don't know, but I'm running out of time. I haven't decided yet.

My math and piano has crawled to a stop with me being sick and all, I guess that would be fine for most people. I mean, they're sick, they need rest, and they don't feel good, right? So why wouldn't it be like that for me? Well, my crummy brain thinks that I have to push through it and do everything normally. And if I don't, I feel completely horrid and like I'm never going to get anywhere in life. Silly, right? Because of that, I feel like I should be doing everything normally, but I can't. It's really frustrating. 

Anyway, I hear another episode of the Brady Bunch calling my name. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Miserable Camping and POTO

I'm re-watching DW right now, and I had forgotten how much I liked Queen Victoria. She's awesome. I mean, she's so...firm and strong. Well, she has to be; she's the queen. Her dry wit is appreciated as well, and I loved how she had the composure to kill a man to protect herself. She kept true to her beliefs and thought of her kingdom through it all, but I do wish that she was a bit more accepting to the Doctor and Rose. Also the boyish charm of Ten, ammiright? Ahh, I love this show.

I hope that I am able to go camping this year. It has to be one of my favorite things to do. It's so relaxing and fun with the entire family. Maybe we'll do what we did two years ago, go three days before our family reunion and go camping, then go to the reunion, but the time that we did it, it rained the whole time. It was drizzly and miserable. I remember huddling in the cold car eating mushy oatmeal. It's funny, looking back, I can see the humor in it all, but when I was in that car poking the oatmeal, I was ready to go jump off a cliff.

Did you know that the 14th is National Pie Day? Yep, that is a holiday worth celebrating. :)

I'm watching Phantom of the Opera right now, and so far I love it. It's almost better than the book. I think they both have such different angles that it is hard to compare them.

Ahh, and the soundtrack to DW is impeccable! I'm re-watching Season 2: Episode 7.

Editing is going well, but I don't know what I'm going to do about Camp NaNo. I don't even have a story idea prepared for it. I'm going to need to figure something out.

Anywho, dinner is ready, and it's one of my favorites. Oriental chicken salad for the win.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Last Three Days

The last three days have been a blast. My grandmother who lives far away came up and spent the weekend here. I'm saying spent, but she is actually still here. I've had so much fun with her, and I really wish that we could see her more often. Everything is really laid-back and easygoing. She has this game on her phone called TriviaCrack. It's where you spin a wheel and whatever category it lands on there is a question. There are Sports, Entertainment, Arts, History, Science, and Geography. I'm good at Arts, Entertainment, and History. It's a lot of fun, and on more than one occasion the entire family has gathered around the table and we've been answering as many as possible. Good times.

On Friday night we went and got ice cream from Central Market in Mill Creek, then came home and watched Million Dollar Arm. The ice cream was really good, and it was fun to have a relaxing night.

I've been reading a bit more now that I am at the editing stage, not as much writing to do. I went to library for a huge book haul, and I got a ton of books. I'm going to be busy this week.

I'm halfway done with the Downten Abbey Theme song. It's a lot of fun now that I got my left hand to master the basic chords.

It's a beautiful day and I'm pretty sure we're going to have a bonfire tonight. I love bonfires. They're so special to me because some of my best memories are of family bonfires, staring at the stars, and roasting hot-dogs and marshmallows.

I decided to re-watch Doctor Who. Since I am on the hold list for the eighth season, I'm getting a little desperate waiting. And I re-watched the Eleventh Hour with a friend and it gave me a bought of
Ooo, I hear another game of TriviaCrack breaking out. Better run.

Friday, March 6, 2015

12 Years a Slave

I finally watched the movie that was the buzz of 2014. It was one of the biggest movies last year.
12 Years A Slave. It was really good. It didn't seem to sugarcoat it or make it seem glamorous like Hollywood tends to do. No, this movie was raw, thought provoking, and stunning. Whoever directed the movie was a genius. They used the spaces so brilliantly that they didn't become a filler, they became the pregnant blanks that are so important in writing as well. The picture was painted with no words or hardly anything, but yet was still powerful. I think we forget how horrible humans can be. It's a strong message of how we need Christ so desperately.

I'm about halfway done with the Downton Abbey theme on piano. It's a lot of fun once you get the left hand mastered.

Well, I finished my third book. I wrote a ton today. It's been non-stop since I woke up. It feels amazing. I am so excited.

My grandmother is coming in two hours. We hardly see her because she lives really far away, and she will be staying for the weekend. I'm excited to see her and share my progress, as well as just catch up with her and hang out. It should be a lot of fun. :)
When she's here, we'll watch Million Dollar Arm. It's a movie that I have wanted to see since it came out.

Well, Toodlepip

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#Dear Me

Okay, there was this blog that focused on writing prompts and questions to ask for your characters. Cool, right? Not only did I really develop my characters, but I also started asking those questions for myself. I was able to answer them all, except for one. What defines you? That was something that kept me up last night because I couldn't think of an answer. And then I started thinking, what do I value above anything else? I realized that I value intelligence, wit, and an easygoing outlook on life. I think that I find my self worth in whatever intelligence I have. Maybe I can change that. While it's good to value intelligence, I don't think I should be finding my self-worth in it. There are more important things, like friendship and bravery.

I found a song the other day called Into a Fantasy, and I swear, I have listened to it at least ten times in a row. It's part of the Norwegian soundtrack for How to Train Your Dragon 2.  
It is awesome.

I can't believe it's not Spring yet. The sunny days and clear skies are messing with my head. It has been gorgeous.

Update: I am at 57,500 words on my novel. Hip hip hooray!

Last night was weird. I had a dream that I was in my bed, dreaming that I was laughing at a joke, and Bethany rolled over and told me to be quiet. I said I was sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing. I went back to sleep in my dream and that was that. But this morning, I asked Bethany if I was laughing in my sleep, and she said I was. It was like, dream-ception.

There is the #Dear Me thing going around on YouTube, and a ton of Youtubers are participating in it. That got me thinking, what would I say to my younger self? So much. I've learned a lot in this past year. 2014 was a big year of growth for me, so I wouldn't even know where to start. I think #Dear Me is a really cool idea.

Update: I'm at 58,500. I am now about 5/6ths of the way done. I was hoping to have my book be longer, but I guess it won't be.

I'm going to see POTO (Phantom of the Opera) tomorrow. I'm excited. I think it'll be cool to see how closely they follow the book.
Until then,

Monday, March 2, 2015

Why Jose?

Wow, I've been writing like crazy. Last night I was up pretty late trying to get to this certain point. I'm pretty happy with my quality so far, seeing as all of this is a first draft. Lately I've been realizing that I have the tendency to make things a bit more dramatic than they should be. I'll have to change that.

Did you know that yesterday was National Peanut Butter Lover's Day? I just found that out. There are so many weird days and holidays that have been created. It's like, why? Why do we need all these obscure holidays? Anyway, I guess it is a little bit fun. :)

With Spring setting in, I'm having a little winter reminiscing going on. I wish we had gotten more snow this year, and I wish I could have gone ice skating. Those are my two favorite winter sports, ice skating and sledding. The funny thing is, I am not a good ice skater. I always end up falling a million times, and my fingers become numb with the cold, but I still love it. It's bloody terrifying in the beginning when I first step out onto the ice, but I soon warm up.

I am once again stranded with no books. We need to make another library run soon. I never thought that I would be okay with reading less, and lately, I have been. Granted, what is taking place of that reading is math and writing, but strangely, it feels like I'm supposed to read less right now. I don't know, I'm sure in a month or two I'll look back and think that I was crazy for being okay with reading less. This is not to say that I love reading any less. No way, Jose. Who is Jose? Why do people say that?

There's no reason to think that Jose was an actual person. The name was probably chosen for the rhyme with 'no way', which predates the longer phrase.

Okay, that makes sense. See, my blog is random and educational. 

Tomorrow is national "I Want You To Be Happy Day". Wow, they have holidays for everything. Well, this one is very true. I Want You To Be Happy. Take my advice. When you're feeling down in the dumps, the cure for it is chocolate and happy songs. :)

My writing is calling.