Valentine Survival

We have survived. It was hard, but the barricade held. We were almost overrun when the army of rose wielding teddy bears started throwing the little heart shaped chocolates. It was intense, but our seam rippers and weed killer worked wonders.
Valentines is over, to state it plainly. My family doesn't really celebrate Valentines day. My parents went out for a date on Fri. but that doesn't really count. It's just a normal day among all the pink, red, and chocolate. The chocolate is the only thing that I strongly support.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Sam Tsui. Especially his covers of "Wake Me Up", "Counting Stars", and "Uptown Funk". They're a lot of fun, and I can tell he really enjoys what he does. That's so important, to love what you do. It adds so much.

Two out of the three books that I ordered have arrived early! Yeah! I'm excited. I immediately read them (surprise, surprise), and I am super excited for the third to come.
But bad news, I have no room AT ALL on my bookshelf. I need a new, bigger one. Ach, the struggles of being a book lover.

I finally watched the latest episode of The Flash. Warning: Spoilers from The Flash, episode 13.
You have been warned.
I am so excited! The time travel stage is coming. As soon as they said that the blood was Barry's, I knew that they didn't mean little Barry. I am super excited for this week's episode.

Anyway, better get back to writing.