Awesome Bookshelf is Awesome

Yes! Today was a great day. You want to know why? Of course you do. :) I got a new bookshelf. It's at least twice the size of my current one. It does have to be painted, stickers scratched off (we got it for free), and scrubbed, but overall, it's perfect. I am excited beyond words because the lack of space has really been limiting my ability to buy books (well, that and the money). It was such a blessing to be able to get it, let alone for free. I am very happy with it.

Tonight we're going to watch The Book Thief. I read the book, and it was very good, but I've wanted to see the movie since it came out. I'll probably be pointing out inaccuracies throughout the entire movie. I tend to do that. Here's hoping that it's really close to the book.

I'm still just super excited about the book shelf. I can't stop thinking about it. :)

Camp NaNo is getting closer, and I'm super excited. I will hopefully be done with my third book by then and will do either a finished revision goal or a new novel word goal. We'll see. I am definitely excited for NaNoWriMo this year. It was so much fun for me to see how much I could write and how much tea I could drink in one month. I know that I feel more confident with the deadlines that I place on myself now that I have been through NaNoWriMo. I am very glad that I partook in it.
I've also realized that I say 'definitely' a lot in emailing, my journal, and talking in real life. Weird.

Oh my gosh! I just hit 50,000 words on my novel. I can't believe it! I am so excited with the way my book is going. I feel like it might just be a success. Might.

Well, I want to get back to writing (I'm writing a lot today).


  1. Gah, that's it, I seriously need to write. You keep posting how high your word count is, and my competitive groove is starting to kick in. :P I am just excited as you for how long your books are getting, and I can't wait to read them!

    1. Listen to that competitive streak, it can fuel great things! I am super excited and thank you for all the support and encouraging words you've given. :)


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