Prison Break(ing my heart)

I found this one song that I just am in love with, Narnian Lullaby  Listen to it!
I have recently become obsessed with the entire Narnia soundtrack. It fits really well with the mood of my novel that I'm currently writing. Some of my favorites are "Only the Beginning of the Adventure", "To Aslan's Camp", and "The Battle Song". Ach, they're so good! I actually added them to the lineup of songs on my blog.

I'm re-watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I really like this movie. It is so funny and has a nostalgic feel to it. I remember the first time I watched it. It was my favorite movie for a while.

We also finished a TV show called Prison Break. It was pretty cheesy there at the end, but it still ripped my heart out. So...thanks. I needed another reminder that I get too invested in works of fiction, and that they have the capability to make me very, very sad, but on a happier note, my mother is becoming a fangirl! She cried at the end and has been known to yell at the TV in times of fictional peril. It's really funny to watch. She has also started to randomly mention it during the day. It's great.
I will miss that show, Prison Break (more like Prison Breaking My Heart).

I started a new piano song (I finished "I See Fire"). I decided upon the Downton Abbey theme song. So far it's taking me a bit more than I realized to get the left hand and right hand synchronized.

My writing is going awesomely. For the longest time this novel seemed so far away, but now that I'm actually writing's awesome. This has to be my favorite one so far (am I allowed as a pre-published author to have favorites?). I still can't believe the way my writing has changed since the very beginning. Since then, I have written two full novels. Ahh!! I never thought I would get this far. I have come a long way from cheesy and badly written short stories. I really never thought that I would be able to read a novel that I wrote and be kinda proud of it. Sorry, just having a little freak out.

Our room is almost finished, and may I just say, it looks great. It's so different (I guess that was kind of the point).
Well, math is calling my name. I must answer it's treacherous call. Wish me luck in my navigation of the Algebraic land. :P