Milkin' It

My Gaelic has been going pretty slow. I'm still only on Lesson 7. I just didn't have anyone to practice with, but I made some flashcards last night, and I am already remembering a whole lot more!
I'm almost done with I See Fire, too.

On a sadder note, I have run out of books. I must go to the library soon. My bookshelf is also breaking from the weight of all the books I have on it. That's not good. I need a new one!

Aww yiss!! The Flash is on tonight! I'll have to wait until tomorrow to be bale to watch it because we don't have the CW channel (or whatever it is), but I'm still super excited. And tomorrow Arrow comes back on!! Oh my word, that cliffhanger was...intense.

It feels weird thinking that it's 2015. I mean, remember when the world was going to end in 2012? Ah...good times. I've started to realize that if I don't start earning money and planning to go on these trips now, then I'm never going to get it done. My plan is to earn enough money by the time I'm twenty to go on a trip to Europe with my sis. Of course, she would pay for her own stuff. I know that may seem irrational and impossible, but hey, I'm all about dreaming for the irrational and impossible.

My writing is going well. I'm currently writing Chapter 13.

Bethany and I are on the last episode of Sherlock. It's perfect timing.
Another favorite show of mine called Prison Break is only one episode away from being finished. Forever. Ahh!!! Why?! Why must all the good shows end? Well, I guess it really is smart to end on a strong note and not go to the point.
Speaking of which, I don't want to milk this post too long. :)

P.S. Why do we say "Don't milk it." as a phrase to warn against going too long or drawing something out? It's actually really weird the more you think about it.


  1. I too am planning on traveling Europe (and the world in general) in my early twenties. Wouldn't it be fun to go together when the day came? :)

    1. I would be totally fine with that! :) My main goals are Greece, Scotland, and Morocco (I know Morocco isn't Europe, but can we take a detour?).
      Alright, it's settled then. :P

  2. Awesome! My main goals are Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Austria, and Russia. So I'd say we have a big trip ahead of ourselves. ;)

    I've also thought it would be awesome to someday rent/borrow/buy a big bus with beds, a small kitchen, etc. and then just drive across America with a group of friends. No particular goal, except to try and visit every state. Just randomly picking a road and seeing what lies ahead. :)

    1. Haha, okay.

      I know! That's always been something I want to do, too. I just want to see every corner of the world that I can, including every state. :)


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