A Thousand Words

Lately I've really been into Lindsey Sterling's and Taylor Davis' music. I don't quite know why, but that's all I've been listening to (beside's the Narnia soundtrack). My favorite of Lindsey's is "Master of the Tides", and my favorite of Taylor's is "Awakening".
I've also been watching a lot of Lindsey's vlogs and stuff. They're pretty funny, and she seems like a lot of fun.

Combining the left hand and the right hand of the Downton Abbey theme is harder than I thought, and I am kind of going slow, but that's okay for now. I do want to get faster in learning my songs soon. It would also be really cool to start trying to compose songs. That would be amazing. I might just look into it. Wish me luck. :)

Yesterday I wrote a thousand words. That was a big step towards getting back into the NaNoWriMo mentality of having a deadline. It's a lot easier for me to write with a deadline than without. That may seem weird, but my mind seems to work faster when I know that I have a cutoff date, but part of that may have been that I was feeling competitive, and I wanted to stay ahead of these two people.
I might enforce a deadline on myself.  Yes.

It's a really nice day. I might go for a bike ride. That would be fun if someone was willing to go with me. Goodness knows I need to stretch out my shriveled little calves.