VeggieTales and References

Today is another rainy day. I'm not complaining, not in the least. I have a cup of peppermint tea, a bowl of raspberry preserve oatmeal, and a small piece of peppermint bark, and it's only 10:00!

Every morning since December 1st, my mother has had a small advent calendar. It's kind of like a chest of really tiny drawers with a date painted on each one. It goes all the way to 24. Each morning Mom wakes up and puts a special little something like candy or a little packet of hot cocoa. Today was a clue. It was "I am faithful to the rising of the sun." We were stumped, but then we found a small rooster in the living room corner. From there we found another clue that said, "This is where we house the KEYS." We were looking everywhere until we realized that it was the piano. We had been searching for actual keys that unlocked something, but in the end it was the piano. We looked behind one of the notebooks sitting on the piano and found a bag of peppermint bark. It was fun.

We finally finished decorating the tree, and may I just looks amazing!!! This is my first year ever decorating a tree, and it was so much fun! We also taped all of our paper snowflakes to the ceiling. It looks great.
I can't wait to finish putting the lights up around the house.

My writing is going well. I have just completed the first chapter of my third novel. I'm really happy about it. Tonight will be a very late night for me. :) I'll probably be muttering and typing away like some crazy person. It's gonna be good.
For some reason rain always puts me in the writing mood.

When I was younger, VeggieTales was my favorite show (well, that and the Wiggles.). Today I just found a small video that blew my mind. It showed a Doctor Who and Star Trek reference in one of the movies. It was pretty cool to see my childhood obsession meet with my older-childhood obsession.

Anyway, I must do my math. Uhg.


  1. My childhood favorite was the Wiggles too!

    I know, the Doctor was in Veggietales! Even today I still love Veggietales, especially the spoofs on Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings. :)

    1. Haha, I think I still have the Minnesota Cuke DVD somewhere. I never understood that it was an Indiana Jones spoof until I watched the Indiana Jones series when I was a bit older. :)


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