The Next Day of Parties...

Wow, today is Ben's 18th birthday. I cannot believe that he is so old! On the larger scale of things and time, he's not that old at all! But to think that I've known him for 13 years is pretty cool. He's such a great brother. Anyway, we're having a surprise party for him tonight. Some of his good friends are going to come over when he's gone with my sister to get some stuff. We're going to set up when he's gone. It should be a lot of fun.

Ben is eighteen. Ach! Where is the time going?
I'm about to leave to the library (yay!) so this will probably be short. Anyway, we had chili for lunch, and it was really good.

Piano is going well. I'm about half-way done. Last night there was somebody who could play piano...really well. I felt so juvenile and silly saying that I could play piano when he was so good!! Well, he was older than me, so I do have time.

Bethany, Mom, and I went on a walk today. The weather was very nice. It was cold, but sunny with clear skies. I'm very glad that I went on the walk. It was a lot of fun. Mom kind of lagged behind because she was trying to train our dog to heel, but we ended up having just as many laughs.

I started my third novel last night, but the weird thing was it felt a lot different than my first book.
I know that my writing style has changed, but I don't think that it changed this drastically. Maybe I'm just a little off right now, but I'm just not getting into my writing very well. I need to go over the plot and characters and hope to get back into the groove.

Tomorrow is a Christmas party with my speech and debate club. I hope it'll be fun. At least there will be food. Food is my friend. :)


  1. Tell Ben Happy (late) Birthday for me! :D

    Counting Ben, this is the fifth birthday that's happened this month. Apparently December is a popular month for birthdays! :P

    1. I told him. He says thanks. :)

      Wow, I guess December is a REALLY popular month. I had another friend who said that she knew at least nine people who had their birthday in Dec. Who knew? :)


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