The Last Goodbye

Well, Christmas is over.
We got up at 8:00, went downstairs to have breakfast, and open the three gifts under the tree (they were from me); then, we went to see The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.
It was so good!!! I've read the book like five times and loved it. I think that it's one of those books that really made me want to write. I first read it when I was about...nine years old. Anyway, I loved the movie, and I'm really sad that that was it. There's no more. It's sad for me at least because I know I was super excited to find that there were LOTR movies, let alone they were making The Hobbit trilogy!! But now it's over. Sad...
There's a song that I found called "The Last Goodbye." It's by Billy Boyd aka Pippen. Good ol' Pippen looks so old!

I've also decided that for my next song on the piano, I shall learn "I See Fire." I'm really excited.

Anyway, back to Christmas. After the movie we went home and got the dinner ready. I was supposed to be helping (whoops), but I kind of got side tracked and began to write. I'm on Chapter 7, and my main character is in Morocco right now. :) It's a lot of fun to write.

Okay, my grandparents and aunt came over at 4:30. We decorated cookies and made paper snowflakes until dinner was ready; then, we ate. It was definitely a memorable dinner. My sister and I had the giggles, and we couldn't stop laughing; then, I accidentally inhaled a piece of rice, so that made me laugh harder and choke. All in all, it was a lot of fun. It always is. :)

That night it was hard for me to fall asleep because I didn't want Christmas to be over. I feel like time is going by, and I don't have a lot to show for it. I want so much from my future that I get insecure about my present. I feel like if I'm not doing something to further my career as an adult then I'm wasting my time. Uhg, I need to lighten up. I need to let it go and enjoy the moment I'm in.
It's funny, the youngest is supposed to be the most layed-back supposedly, but I'm probably the non-layed-back of all the three kids. Anyways, that kind of derailed from Christmas. Oh well.