Piano and the Reason for the Season

Well, the play was a lot of fun, and a lot different than what I expected. They had waiters! The waiters would come up to your table and ask you if you wanted hot cocoa, coffee, tea, or juice. Then they would ask if you wanted German Chocolate Cake, Apple Strudel, Ice Cream with Fudge, or Red Velvet Cake. It was kinda fancy. :) The Red Velvet Cake was good. Bethany and I split it.

I'm listening to PianoGuys Lord of the Rings-The Hobbit.
I have listened to it at least four times. It is wonderful. Also, I might have mentioned it before, but Story of my Life. Not the 1D version, but the PianoGuys. It is amazing. I have become obsessed with them.
I have officially finished learning Planet Earth Forever. It was pretty fun to learn, and sort of easy. I like it. My next song to learn is...I'm still deciding.

We also just got back from driving around to see the lights. There was this one light show in particular that was really cool. It was an entire church all lit up, with the lights flashing to the beat of the songs. It was pretty fun to watch, but I think my mom got a headache from all the flashing lights. They also served apple cider, hot cocoa, cookies, and candy canes. Overall, it was a fun family tradition that I am more than happy to carry on.

Gear up, people. Christmas is only 3 days away. Are all your gifts wrapped? Is that wishlist written and checked twice? Are all the lights up?

You know, I think that in all of the Christmas hustle and bustle we forget sometimes what we're really celebrating. I think it's a lot of fun to have all the lights, wishlists, and other festive stuff, I just find people, myself included, getting lost in the commercialism and media. I hope that when I sit down with my family for a Christmas dinner, we remember the REAL reason for the season.
Anywho, there was my random-ish though for the day...er, the post. I have a ton of random thoughts during the day. :)