The New Year is almost here. And I am pumped. I have written two novels in one year. That's awesome. I can't believe that I was able to do that. I remember my first story. It was pretty bad. I laughed when I read it again. 
Anyways, I hope that I can finish my third novel and edit my first before 2015 is over. 
Right now I'm writing chapter nine. It's going well. 

"I See Fire." is hard, but fun. I honestly am a pretty simple person, I've been realizing that as of late. My hobbies include writing. reading, piano, learning Gaelic, and eating. Seriously! I mean, I'm okay with being simple, but I sometimes wonder if others are like that. Am I the only one? Anyway, that was random. Then again, most of this is.

We have three small pies left over from Christmas. Pecan pies. You know how I said one of my hobbies was eating? It's hard to resist the temptation of pecans and that-delicious-filling-but-I-don't-know-what-it-is. 
Speaking of pie. You know how they say the Supernatural fandom has a gif for everything? Well, guess what? They have quite a few pie ones. 
 I feel ya Dean, I feel ya.
Castiel  gets me.
We're not. We have three Pecan pies.
That's not good. It could be Pie with poisonous berries. You should really pay attention to the label. Not just pie.

Wow, that post was really centered around pie. 
I don't have a whole lot more to talk about so I shall leave you on that. 


  1. I may not be in the Supernatural fandom, but I think everyone knows about their obsession with pie. ;) Pie is amazing; that's why I had it on my birthday. :)

    1. Yeah, second-hand fandom disease is a real thing. :)
      Pie on birthdays is always a plus.


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