Christmas Plays and Gingerbread Houses

Oops, I just realized I haven't posted in four days. Whoops.

Last night we had some friends over for some hangout time. The parents left to go for coffee and have some deep conversations, leaving us kids to ourselves. It was a blast.
We watched a movie, talked, danced to music, and overall had a lot of fun. I hope that we can do it again soon.
They brought their ice cream maker, and we were able to make coconut ice cream. After the half an hour it took to churn the coconut milk into ice cream, we added chocolate. It was a delicious treat, and because of the coconut milk instead of regular milk, it wasn't that bad for us. Yay!

My writing is going okay, not as fast as I would have hoped, but okay. :)
It's weird. I was so excited to write this book, but as I started writing it, the excitement kind of died away, and it became just another novel that I was writing. Anyway, so far I'm happy with it.

I've been listening to Pentatonix more often, as well as the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion soundtrack. I really like it. I haven't checked out the Skyrm one yet, but I'm planning on it soon.

Tonight we're going to A Christmas Carol play. I think Dad and Ben will be staying home though. They will be missed.
I love acting, I really do. I just don't get a lot of chances to act. I did drama club for a year, but then we pulled out of the co-op that offered it, and I wasn't able to find a substitute. I miss it.

I realized that I do a lot of writing. I write my novel, journal, random writing journal, blog, and my private blog, and I try to do four out of five of them daily. Yeesh, but I love it. :)

We finished our gingerbread house. It turned from one big house, into three tiny ones. We also added a lake (which looks amazing), two trees (which also look amazing), and little gingerbread men. My roof doesn't look as good as Mother's or Bethany's, but then again, I never really had the eye - nor the touch - for detail like they do.
We have little Swedish Fish sticking up from our lake that look really cute. I'm happy with it, and it was a lot of fun. We just finished adding a little pretzel stick fence around it all.

Well, I have to change out of my sweatpants to go to that play. Uhg. I better skedaddle (who uses that word anymore?).



  1. Sorry to here about your book! Sounds cheesy, but I hope it gets better for you.
    Miss you, pal.

    1. Thanks! I can use all the hope I can get. :)

      I miss you, too! We need to get together soon. That would be fun. :)


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