A Christmas Tree and a Mockingjay

Wow! For the first time...well, for the first time ever, we got a Christmas tree!! We never got one before because...of some reason that I can't remember, but this year we did. I still can hardly believe it. Now it's sitting in our living room, waiting to be decorated. You know, sadly enough, I have never once in my life decorated a proper Christmas tree. Sure, I've decorated that dying potted plant that we used to hang ornaments on and it would fall over, and I've decorated the sad plastic twig thingie that we got for free, but not a Christmas tree. I'm so excited!

There's a song from Mockingjay that I think is pretty awesome. When I read the book, I thought the lyrics were eerie, but intriguing. Now, when I heard it put to music, it's still eerie, but strangely hopeful. It's called "The Hanging Tree". Check it out on Youtube or something.

My editing is going really well! I'm up to Chapter 13, and still plowing ahead. Though I need to work on the cover. I love the one that I currently have, but I don't want it to be permanently plastered on the front of my free copy of my book.

Wow! I just hit 6000 views! That's a lot. :)

There's still snow on the ground. It must be freezing outside. I decided to go on another walk while the snow lasts. My toes will probably freeze off.

Anyway, I have to do my math. Bluh. It's funny, I get really frustrated with my math, and I dislike it, right? Well, I start to feel incompetent, then I remember that I'm two grades ahead. Oops. :)