Ok, what I'm about to say may seem completely insane to some, but it was devastating.
Warning: Spoilers from Arrow Season One.
My mom named the turkey we got for my grandpa's birthday Tommy. She named it Tommy!!!  We're going to be eating Tommy. It wasn't right, so insisted she name the turkey something else. I suggested Bob, but then remembered everybody's favorite custodian from HoO and decided on Larry instead. Well, Larry was the name of her grandfather. She was named after him. Laurie, Larry.
I gave up and sat to name him Trian. No emotional connection to Trian the Turkey. Just like it should be. :)

That was an odd moment, but I felt that I should share with all of you fellow Arrow fans. Especially those that name their computers after beloved fallen characters. :) Hello there.

Anywho, that was all I wanted to say.


  1. Okay, I have to admit that's kind of funny. But sad. Tommmmmyyyyyyyyyy....... :'(


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