The Princess Analysis Program

I don't really have a lot to write. These past couple of days have been pretty normal. I think the most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that Momma went on a cleaning spree. So she cleaned out three shelves and reorganized a lot of stuff.
When I look back to my previous posts, they are somewhat funny and not boring! But then I look at my recent posts, and guess what? They're boring.

It's funny, I don't believe in superstitions, but I still find myself wishing on fallen eyelashes and 11:11.  I know that the wishes won't come true just because I wished it, but I still do it.
That's why Tiana from The Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite princess'. She knew that wishing on a star wouldn't get her where she wanted, she had to earn it. I also like Mulan, Merida, Kida, and Belle. They all were strong. I know that I am talking about the happy, Disney princess' here, but hear me out. Tiana worked three jobs to get to her dream of owning her own restaurant. She never gave up. Tiana didn't take any flak from Naveen, and she made him work.
Mulan was extremely selfless and gave herself up for her father. She trained extremely hard and didn't back down even when the odds seemed impossible.
Merida marched to the beat of her own drum and didn't give up her values and morals for what the laws said. And in the end, she reshaped a kingdom for the better.
Kida can fight. She had such a strong personality. She was stubborn, spunky, but willing to explore new cultures and people, but I mainly like her because she can fight really well. :)

Wow, I didn't think I could write that much on Disney Princess', but I did. I could actually write more! But I won't.

Lately I've really been getting into the fall mood by drinking tea, wearing my huge robe thing all day, and dramatically looking out the window to watch the leaves fall from the trees. I dramatically look out a window a lot.
I'm getting really hungry...I should make a sandwich...mmm. A sandwich sounds good.

P.S. When did Toodlepip become my thing? I don't know, but I find myself saying in real life, too.