Holiday Reminiscing

Writing is going great, but I do think that I will barely make 50,000. I'm having a lot of fun with it all. The late nights all alone in the dark with lemon ginger tea, a huge sweater wrapping me in it's fuzzy warmth.
I wish that I could just stay in those moments forever. In the dusky darkness, the whole house a wonderful, peaceful silence. Gah, I love writing so much.

We ( my family and I) were in the kitchen talking about some random things. We had somehow gotten on the subject of...souls. I don't know how. And my dad said, "Your soul was sucked away." And the only thing I could think of was dementors. Call me weird, nerd, or geek. I don't care, but I am irreversibly and 100 percent full fledged weirdo!
                                                                            Yes. All those who are weird, are awesome...

With the holidays coming up, I'm kind of getting into the festive spirit. Thanksgiving is just this Thurs. Oh my stars, I just realized that that's only a couple days away. I can't believe it. Time has been going by so fast. It feels like just yesterday it was Christmas. We were all laughing through breakfast, exchanging gifts and guessing what they are before opening them. The lights and piddly plastic tree sagging. It's always perfect. I love those times. 

And Thanksgiving with it's gravy covered turkeys, mashed potatoes, and the warmth of a small fire in the hearth. My grandparents and immediate family surrounding me, all telling stories of embarrassing moments and funny happenings. It's so great. :)

Anyway, all the lights and talk of holiday sales has really made me think of how close the holidays really are.