Sherlock Shirt!!

OHMYGOSH!!! I've only listened to a couple of the Arrow Soundtrack songs, but I am already obsessed! Each song is so individual, but they meld together perfectly. I now know what I will be listening to for the next couple hours.

I watched Captain America:The Winter Solder two days ago. It was epic! I'm glad I was finally able to see it.

OH OH OH OH OH OH!!!!! Yesterday I got a shirt in the mail. It read,
 I am so excited that I got it! I think I'm going to wear it every day for the rest of my life. Actually I'm not, that would be unsanitary. My point is, I'm really excited. 

My writing is going really well. I'm getting closer and closer to finishing my novel. That's an awesome feeling. 

Um, I don't have a whole lot to say. My life isn't too exciting. 
Anywho, I'll bore you no longer.


  1. THAT'S SO AWESOME!!! Where did you buy/get it?!?!

  2. Amazon. I got a gift card for my birthday, but I didn't expect it until...a while from now.


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