My Wonderful Day

Okay, yesterday we had some friends over to play games and hang out. It was fun and I really hope that we can get together again soon.

Also, can you believe that tomorrow is my birthday? I'm going to be thirteen!!! Today we did some fun activities to celebrate. Of course, it was a total surprise and I had no idea where I was going until we pulled into the driveway for "The Washington Fencing Academy". I've wanted to learn how to fence for a while. It's not that complicated, but it is different than regular sword-fighting. I'm not trying to brag, I'm seriously not. But the instructors said it looked like I had been fencing for a while!! That was exciting for me. The footwork was fun to practice.

After the fencing we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. I tried a whole bunch of new dishes and soups. It was a cool experience.

Oh! And also saw How to Train Your Dragon 2. I'm not going to say too much about it, but I will say this. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Everyone was saying it was super sad, it wasn't as sad as I was expecting, but it was pretty sad.

Uhh, there will be more to come.