Day 2 of Birthday

Sunday was day two of Birthday Surprises.
We went to a Tree House Hotel in Preston, WA to tour the tree-houses. It was cool to see how many different designs there would be. After touring those and spending a little time by the river they had we piled back into the car and drove to Seattle for the Farmers Market that was there until five. We looked at the different booths, found some adorable vintage suitcases and typewriters, looked at the price and backed away in horror. Walked through until we found the food booths. There was all sorts of delicious aromas wafting from the food trucks and food stands. Ben and Dad decided on fresh Fish and Chips, Mom, Bethany, and I decided on some Chinese food. It is after all, my favorite food.

After we ate, we meandered down a street and found a door that read Theo Chocolate Factory.
It looked interesting and I thought, "Huh, that would be cool." Then mother opened the door and stepped inside. I followed, now knowing that we were going to take one of the tours. Immediately I was hit with the scent of dark chocolate (my favorite), we were seated to wait until it was 5:00 and the tour started. Then we were herded into another room where we were told the exact process of how to make chocolate. And we got to try a lot! of samples. By the end of the tour, I was stuffed. Full to the brim with chocolate. Oh! And they had a little Han Solo frozen in carbanite (not sure how you spell it, but you know what I mean). They also had a chocolate TARDIS.
At the end of the tour we got free chocolate bars. It was an awesome trip.

We drove up to the Seattle troll to take a birthday pic. And after horsing around on teh giant troll, Bethany noticed some stairs leading up to the highway. She and I darted up there, my dad following closely behind. In the end we all ended up walking along the highway and over the bridge. It was sunset when we did this, the wind slightly tugging at my hair.  The rosy color of the setting sun illuminating Mt. Rainier perfectly. A perfect end to a perfect day.

I also got some library books today, so that's cool. Yep.