Vivaldi's Winter

Don't you hate it when you have writers block? Well, that's what I have right now. Bluh. Not fun,
but I just need to push through it. I am pretty close with being done with the first draft of my book, but then I have to go through it all and edit it for the first time. I'm excited for that.
I'm also super excited to start the second book. It is going to be so epic!! :)

I lost my iPod a while ago, and I couldn't listen to music when I wrote. It impacted me so much. I never realized how much easier emotion is to convey when you can listen to music. So I might go listen to music to help myself out of the Writer's Block. I capitalized those words because that is the name of a disease. And no, it isn't contagious. It's all in your head.

There's this one song that has so much...power to it. It is actually my favorite version of "Let it Go" from Frozen.
It's by the PianoGuys, called "Vivaldi's Winter."
Ahhh!!! So much inspiration and awesomeness from that song. Do yourself a favor, go look it up! It's great. are you?

My life is very busy, but good. Busy is good. Sometimes.

Well then, I better go do something productive.