This morning my brother and I were talking when we heard a shriek from my mother.
Upon further investigation, we found that it was in fact a large...(*shiver*)...spider.
It was actually the largest spider I had ever seen in our house. It was about as big as my palm (legs included).
Uhg, it was horrid.
My brother (being the heroic, fearless guy that he is) quickly disposed of the offending arachnid.
My sister, mother and I were all EXTREMELY grateful.

On a really happy note, we went to the library!! SO I got a whole new shipment of books. Yay!!
I have been without a new book for a week or two now. Granted, I probably got more writing done that way. But at least I have new books! :)

So today my sister was wandering around, searching for her phone. After two hours of scouring every nook and cranny of our house, she decided to call her phone from our home phone.
We all listened for the ringing sound, and we heard it, yes. But we couldn't find where it was.
Finally my mother asked the million dollar question, "Is it in your back pocket?"
It was.
She had had it in her back pocket the entire time.

Last night we had a bonfire, it was really nice.
When it got really dark we could see only a couple stars through the clouds, but that's okay. I grabbed my Ipod and listened to some music while I was curled up in a camp chair. The glowing embers lazily puffing smoke in the air. Glorious.

Hmm...what to do, what to do.
Should I go read a fantastic book? Should I go write? Or should I catch up on OUAT before it starts again?
Decisions, decisions.
I think I'll go....read. Yes. That sounds good.