Noah Comments

Oh wow.
I'm watching Noah right now, and may I just say, bluh.
I will be posting my thoughts and comments as I watch this movie. Enjoy.

As a movie on it's own, it's good, but as an account of the Bible, it's absolute rubbish.
They made the fallen angels into rock trolls, and they made the rock trolls into good guys who God cast out because they tried to help humans rise from their sins.
This is turning the actual Bible account into a fairy-tale of sorts. Infuriating.

And it isn't getting any better.

Woah!!! Logan Lerman is in this? I had no idea. He also plays in the Percy Jackson films and a couple others, but I mostly know him from PJO ( it was also a really bad adaptation).

And now they are involving evolution. Uhg, it drives me crazy (not that I had far to go), but still.
This is a weird movie...
Well, at least the unimportant parts were true to the Bible. You know, the small details that don't change the entire story.
So at least we can be happy with that.

Emma Watson is such a good actress, I mean, how many people can cry that convincingly. A few, but not many.

Hmm, they got the fermented grape part right.

As a movie on it's own, I give it a...three out of five stars, but as the Bible story, I give it a minus three out of five stars.

And that is the end of my random musings while watching Noah.