Today we went on a hike, and I am officially a wimp.
I went on this hike (Heather Lake) when I was 7 or 8, and it was no problem for me, but today I felt like I was an old lady hobbling up a set of stairs. Man, I am weak.
I did have a blast though with the rest of my family, just talking and laughing together.

The actual lake was amazing. The sun was shining just right so it looked like the water was a light turquoise, and the water was crystal clear. Ben jumped in, but because it was melted snow water (freezing cold) he didn't stay in long. I had so much fun.

I fell when I was climbing a rock, I scraped up my knee pretty badly, and cut my left knee pretty deep. Not fun.
I felt pretty stupid for falling, but hey, it happens to everyone. :)

Anyway, I have run out of books to read and I am kind of needing to write more, but I really want to read. The struggle is definitely...struggled...? What? That made no sense.

I am learning (or at least trying to learn) this.
 Wish me luck.