Aleks and Blacklist

Well, today I started Aleks. It's a math website and I started Pre-Algebra on it.
It will definitely help me fill whatever gaps I have in where I should be right now...math-wise.

I'm helping my sister with cabbage salad, and may I just say, it is delicious!! Mmm.

We're starting to do read-a-loud again. The book we are reading now is a Gladys Aylward missionary book. I've read the Trailblazer one called Flight of the Fugitives. The one we're reading is called...uh, give me a second to remember. Gladys Aylward.

I'm doing a lot of Aleks right now. It's not too bad, but it is math. And I have never been particularly good at math. I'm a bit more right brained than left brained. But I'm mostly smack-dab in the middle.

Now that I'm finished with Aleks, and now that Daddy got home, we're watching The Blacklist. I love this show so much. Yes, it is a bit gruesome, but I think it's worth the gore for the plot, sub-plot, and just overall awesomeness.

Well, I'm not good at multi-tasking. So I'm going to focus The Blacklist.