Thunder and Lightning

Wow, that was amazing!
I just went through the biggest thunder and lightning storm I've ever seen.
It started out as small flashes of light, and small rumblings, but then Ben and I went out on the deck to watch it more, and we started to notice it got louder, and bigger. Until it ramped up to the loudest sound I have ever heard. That is not an exaggeration. It was like a bomb went off, or a gun was fired right next to my ear.
And the light was so...bright, and white. I have never before seen the actual tendrils of lighting before. It was amazing, exhilarating, and it happened twice. One was right above our house, the other right above our backyard. After the first super bolt, it just started pouring. And you could smell the dirt and humidity in the air.
That was so cool.

I am on episode 17 of Arrow, and yes, I found out who Roy Harper is. :)
And...oh my gosh. There's a photo of...I KNEW IT!!!! I was right.

I found Gaelic on Mango Languages. Before I was looking under G for Gaelic, but it was under S for Scottish Gaelic. So I am starting to learn Gaelic!! It's a fun language.
Well, I'm going to get started.



  1. Aw, I'd love to learn Scottish Gaelic! It's like the coolest language ever! So cool about the lightning. The coolest lightning experience I've ever had was flying in an airplane. In the distance, there was a gap between two banks of clouds, and a whole line of purple lightning was flickering in it. I could see it really clearly but I couldn't hear it at all I was so far away. Definitely one of the most interesting forces fo nature.

  2. That lightning storm was awesome, wasn't it? There's something so incredible about thunder storms. Such raw power that makes you feel so tiny, clinging to the little orb floating in space. :P

    Oh, and yay! You got to Roy! And yippe about the Gaelic too! Maybe next time we get together we can practice a little more. :)

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty excited that I'm actually learning Gaelic.
      When I was doing the first lesson I kept recognizing the words from your little flashcard thingies.


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