Lesson 3

I can't believe that it's Monday. The time is flying by so fast! My goal is to finish my novel by 2015, so I am writing almost every chance I can get. It's felt awesome writing chapter after chapter. :)
I've also been reading a ton. I think I've read a book a day for the past week.
I've noticed I analyze my books a lot more than I used to. I also have been re-reading books from earlier this year. The writing seems much more simplistic than before, more...childish. The story-line is still awesome. But the writing isn't as great.

I just finished Lesson 3 of Scottish Gaelic. Yay!! It's a really fun language.
I also finished "Say Something" on piano, and I have started "Pirates of the Caribbean Medley" by Kyle Landry.
So far I really like it, but I am kinda stuck. I guess it's just practice, practice, practice, 'till I get it right.

Ooo, I just got the fifth book in the Harry Potter series!!

Well, it's getting to be time when I need to go to bed.


  1. So glad your writing is going well for you! How near are you to being finished?
    I've been analyzing the books I read since I could read. It's the way I learn from authors I respect, and from others' mistakes. (: Analyze on!
    I'd like to see a post on what you're reading right now. (:

    1. I don't really know exactly how near I am to being finished, but hopefully I'm close. :)
      I post the latest books I've read on the What I'm Reading tab, every time that I finish a book I update the list.


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