Kinda Jumbled

Our house is a construction zone right now.
We are redoing our windows, so we had to tear out the old ones, but it's super noisy.
And tomorrow, first thing in the morning, they're working on the windows in my room. So I get to wake up to loud noises.

Right now I'm watching Episode Nine of Arrow. Oh...I am seriously becoming addicted to this show!
Umm, I've been writing a lot today, and I have been moving quickly with learning Say Something.

I know a couple spoilers from before I started watching Arrow, and I am so excited for...a certain bird. That is associated with a certain color. Those comic geeks and overall awesome people out there who got that...rejoice with me!!!! I am excited.

My "Aunt" Suzie is coming over tomorrow, I haven't seen her in a long time, so I'm excited to see her.
Technically she's not my Aunt, we've just always called her that.

I have no idea what to say, my life has been kinda monotone lately. Un-eventful.
Well, it's been sunny these past couple days, a bit overcast though in the mornings. So I can actually wear jeans without dying from heatstroke. That's always a plus...when I don't die.
See, now I'm rambling about the weather, This is getting sad, like watching a fish flounder in the sand with no hope of ever getting back in the water.

Speaking of water, I really want to go swimming. I've found that I don't care about temperature anymore.
I also forgot that I could swim once, and thought I had to have a life-jacket. Then when I dove in without it, needless to say I was surprised that I was staying afloat.

Wow, this post is pretty random and kinda all jumbled up.