Fuzzy Sweaters

This morning we went to a Farmers Market that was by the waterside. There was a slight breeze to contrast the bright and very warm sun. Instead of having lunch we just bought a bag of kettle corn and sampled a lot of peaches and teas and all sorts of delicious things. The bright colors from quilts and fresh fruit and vegetables gave everything a very pleasant atmosphere. It was a wonderful mix of smells, colors, and chatter that gave my morning and afternoon a fun splash of spontaneity.

For dinner we had hamburgers, fried mushrooms, strawberries and hazelnuts. It was a great dinner.

We took a trip to Value Village a couple days ago and I found the greatest article of clothing ever. It's a giant sweater. It has a hood and pockets. It is size XXL so it's really big and cozy. Yay!!

This is going to be a short post, I am going to get back to reading.