ALS Ice Water Challange

Have you heard of the ALS Ice Water challenge? It's pretty much where you dump ice water on yourself to raise awareness for ALS. Well, my sister was nominated by some friends to do it, and she did. Three times.
See, the first time my brother didn't get the whole thing. The second time I didn't even press the button. And the third time my dad DID get it well enough that she could put it up to show that she answered the nomination. It was funny watching the reaction from my sister after she was doused in freezing water.

I re-watched the Avengers and I was watching it differently this time. Instead of watching it for entertainment i was watching it for balance. 
Like the balance of the action, drama, and funny one-liners that made this movie so good to watch. 
It was surprising how little I had noticed the practically perfect balance of this movie before. I'll have to start watching for that more.

I downloaded a couple new songs on my Ipod and I have officially listened to this one about...10 times. It's a great song. :)

I have been eating blueberries at every meal. I forgot how great they tasted.

I can't believe that Sherlock is coming back in 2016!!!! How am I supposed to wait for that???
Well, now that I have run out of things to say...
It's weird, I normally can't stop talking, but now I'm at a loss as what to say.
I guess I'll go be a nuisance...or write.