Licorice Tea

SQUEEEE!!!! The Halfblood Prince is sitting on my desk right now, and I'm halfway through it. The Deathly Hallows is waiting for me in the living room. It feels like I've been waiting forever, but I really haven't (that's beside the point). Anyway, I've already done my happy dance and probably annoyed the entire neighborhood with my squeals of delight and happiness! My happy is too loud.

It's a rainy day; it was yesterday as well. A well overdue break from the sweltering heat of summer. Don't get me wrong, I love summer with all the lemonade stands, freshly mowed grass, and nights under the stars because you're crazy if you stay inside in the heat, but I can only take so much of almost melting.
And when it rains, I love seeing the rich colors of the forest just behind my house with all the rich greens and deep browns.
Wow, am I really going on about the weather? Do I really have nothing else to talk about?

Well, my writing has been going well. I have gotten a lot done. :)

It's really weird. I was looking at my search history, and I thought for sure the government was gonna bust down my door for being a terrorist.
For instance, poisons without antidotes-how fast does an arrow to the heart kill someone? And other...interesting things like that!

Lately, I've been profiling my characters a lot more. It's easier to keep track of all the stuff they like and dislike when I put it down on a page. A LOT easier.
And their heights. For instance, if someone is looking at another someone, should they be looking up or down?
Ya know, just little stuff like that.

Mmm, mom just made me some licorice tea.


  1. Licorice tea sounds delicious. Profiles are so good!!


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