Well, today has been a full day...
I started out by baking banana chocolate swirl bread with Bethany. It was delicious. Only because she was the baker today, and directing me with tasks to help. I can't bake to save my life...
Anyway, after that Bethany, Ben and I went on a bike ride. Then stopped at a park to play Frisbee. It was so hot in that field, that we sped back home and asked to go to the lake. IT WAS A YES!!!!
Ahh, the lake felt so good! We played around there for a while, then came back home.

Last night my entire family went on a walk to SkinnyD's frozen yogurt. Then we drove to a small baseball field to play Frisbee.
We've started really playing Frisbee a lot more. It's fun.

Well, my day will continue with writing.


  1. Ah, I've always wanted to go to SkinnyD, based on what you've told me of course . . . .

    1. That would be fun to go together! If only you lived closer...


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