Well, I'm back!
It's nice to be back home.
As you might already know, I went down to the Oregon coast for the annual family reunion. It was the best year yet!

We got to the beach house and started talking and mingling with the relatives that were already there.
My Aunt Donna (she's actually my Great-Aunt, actually, almost all of the Aunts and Uncles mentioned are Greats. They're just young enough to be actual Aunts and Uncles) has always been grandmotherly, like, the big hugs and baking kind of grandmotherly. But she is energetic and fun, always humming and dancing. She was one of the first to arrive at the beach house. Along with my Aunt (Great-Aunt) Judie. She is also energetic and fun.
I have a big family, so it's hard to try to say where they are in the family tree.
Anyway, after everyone finally got there we had dinner and desert. Dinner was a delicious pasta salad and hotdogs. Desert was Chocolate Ice Cream Bars. Then we went to bed.

The next morning was very leisurely. I grabbed an apple and a vitamin water, then headed down to the beach. It was sunny, but a bit foggy. Wading into the water to see how cold it was, I decided to go back up to the house and change into my bathing suit. By the time I came back down, ready to head into the waves, almost everyone was down there. I was the only one to go into the water because...well, it was freezing ocean water. It was literally the coldest water I've ever felt. But I decided to not back down and marched right in. Needless to say it was difficult for me to not march right back out immediately. I got used to it (more like, I became numb) and stayed in for a while.
Bethany came down near the water and tested it with her little toe...she didn't go any farther. My cousin Conner, who is the same age as me, tested the water too. But instead of his little toe, he stuck in his entire foot. Shrieking, he jumped back from the waves. It was pretty funny.

After a while, I got out of the waves. I looked at my legs and they were bright red from the cold. It was exhilarating being in the water, but freezing. :)

We played Ultimate Frisbee twice, and each time I got a face full of sand. It was a lot of fun though. There were all these snacks and stuff. Like licorice, and crackers and fresh fruit. It was such a blast!
On Saturday we had a huge crab and salmon feast. Mmm, I love crab and salmon.

OHMYGOSHIT'SFINALLYHERE!!! Insurgent and Alligiant are on the hold shelf for me at the library.
I'm excited, in case you couldn't tell.

Well, that's it folks,