The TARDIS and Watermelon

Hi ya'll!! Divergent was really good. It was almost as good as the books...almost. Two of my favorite parts were cut out...darn. I wonder what faction I would be in. I mean, I already thought about it when I read the book, but I was thinking about it again. I would probably be in the faction for the useless and procrastinators! :) I would WANT to be in Dauntless, but I'd never make it.

Ooo, Bethany is cutting up some watermelon now. I can't wait until it's ready. Right now I'm taking a break from yard work, I've been working for two hours in the sun. It's hard, but fun working with my mom. I'm getting slightly tanner and stronger. Yay!! I'm more excited about getting tanner because I practically glow in the dark.
I've also been writing a lot more. Forcing myself. Most of the time I wait until I'm burdened with glorious purpose, then I sit down and write a chapter or two. But this past week I've been forcing myself to sit down and just write, no matter how long or how good.

Random: I was thinking about my favorite animal and I've narrowed it down to Hippogriff (fictional), white tiger, and Golden Merlin Falcon.

That's it...the last episode for a very long time (Sherlock). I'm very sad. This ending is very sad/awesome. So many questions I have!! Agghhh!!! He's back! I can't even....ASDFGHJKL!!!!!

 Well, we got some kayacks last week, and now we're about to try them out...I'm excited.

Oh! I had the best dream ever last night. The gist of it was that The Doctor needed my help to solve a mystery. It was so much fun and it felt so real! We almost dies several times. And the TARDIS looked different on the inside. It wasn't as metallicy everywhere. It was more...comfortable and cushy. And I got the 10th Doctor (he's my favorite), oh it was so cool!!!