The Lego Movie

Today some family friends came over and stayed for  awhile. We played air-soft and hung out talking. And we also watched...THE LEGO MOVIE!!!!!!

It was funny, but it seemed like the more immature humor. I get that it targeted for the younger kids, and that's great. But for me some of the "funny" scenes were too typical and silly to be funny. Though it did have a couple chuckle chuckle moments. Overall it was entertaining and good, but not something that I would buy or anything. But for the younger kids it's awesome!!!

I love talking with Mrs. Murphy. She's so funny, and we actually have good conversations. And they aren't awkward. She's pretty awesome...

Well, today has been a good day! So far I have written quite a bit. Last night I couldn't sleep, so I got up and wrote. It's nice being able to write in the middle of the night. Before, the light from the computer kept Bethany up (we share a room) so I couldn't write at night. I have been begging my mom to move the computer into the classroom, and one day. We did!!!!  So now I can write whenever I want...yay!!

Weeeeeeeell, I'm running out of things to say. We are having Quesadillas for dinner. So....see ya.