Garlic Powder

This morning my family made oatmeal, and my dad added vanilla, brown sugar and walnuts. He also reached into the cupboard and grabbed the cinnamon, and without looking he shook some onto his oatmeal. Well, as he was putting it back in the cupboard he got a glance of the label. And it didn't read Cinnamon, it read Garlic Powder...yeah. Let's just say that was the worst tasting oatmeal that he had ever tasted.

Today I grabbed my pellet gun and headed out into the woods for some target practice, I also grabbed a book to do some reading. It was just really awesome being able to sit and shoot the gun, then take a break to read. I also had a muffin, right out of the was still warm.

Well, so far I have glued 3 rows of shingles onto the roof. It is harder than it looks.

Oh, I haveta go shower, we are leaving on errands in an hour and I need to be ready.