Friday, June 27, 2014

The TARDIS and Watermelon

Hi ya'll!! Divergent was really good. It was almost as good as the books...almost. Two of my favorite parts were cut out...darn. I wonder what faction I would be in. I mean, I already thought about it when I read the book, but I was thinking about it again. I would probably be in the faction for the useless and procrastinators! :) I would WANT to be in Dauntless, but I'd never make it.

Ooo, Bethany is cutting up some watermelon now. I can't wait until it's ready. Right now I'm taking a break from yard work, I've been working for two hours in the sun. It's hard, but fun working with my mom. I'm getting slightly tanner and stronger. Yay!! I'm more excited about getting tanner because I practically glow in the dark.
I've also been writing a lot more. Forcing myself. Most of the time I wait until I'm burdened with glorious purpose, then I sit down and write a chapter or two. But this past week I've been forcing myself to sit down and just write, no matter how long or how good.

Random: I was thinking about my favorite animal and I've narrowed it down to Hippogriff (fictional), white tiger, and Golden Merlin Falcon.

That's it...the last episode for a very long time (Sherlock). I'm very sad. This ending is very sad/awesome. So many questions I have!! Agghhh!!! He's back! I can't even....ASDFGHJKL!!!!!

 Well, we got some kayacks last week, and now we're about to try them out...I'm excited.

Oh! I had the best dream ever last night. The gist of it was that The Doctor needed my help to solve a mystery. It was so much fun and it felt so real! We almost dies several times. And the TARDIS looked different on the inside. It wasn't as metallicy everywhere. It was more...comfortable and cushy. And I got the 10th Doctor (he's my favorite), oh it was so cool!!!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gonna Go See A Movie

Yesterday my mom and I went to The Alexander and Elizabeth Tea House. The food was awesome, and the tea was delicious, but I never realized before how uncomfortable I am in nice places. After that we walked around Old Country Village a bit. We walked through some of the shops and just (as my mom would say it) toodled around. Then we went to Trader Joes and got a box of mini-ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream was made out of coconut milk, so it was kind of healthy. Then we ran to Costco to pick up some stuff that we needed, and one of the sample booths that they had was a blender thingamabobber. The salesman made us pineapple ice cream with spinach and kale. It was some of the best ice cream I've ever had.

Tonight, since Divergent is at the Crest Theater (it's really cheap there), we are going to see it. Yay!!! I read the book, so the movie will probably pale in comparison, but Ben and Bethany said it's REALLY good. We'll see how it goes.

I STILL haven't found a background that I am completely satisfied with. Until I do, I guess I'll keep trying out new ones and playing around with color schemes. That sounds like fun.

I just finished a book called Wonder. It was amazing, really sad, but amazing. It wasn't my typical fantasy book that I always like to read. I cried at one part of it because you really start to sympathize with this character. I would say that the author could have formatted it a bit better. Like at some parts I had to re-read them because the formatting was a little weird, but overall I really liked it. It gave a new perspective to the idea of kids with disabilities. That also goes for Anything But Typical. 
Anything But Typical had a better format, and I thought that you could understand what was going on a little better. While reading both books, I got a little teared up.

Speaking of books, I got The House of Hades from Amazon today. It was $15. That is 3 hours of weeding! Ouch...

I am watching the third episode of season 3 of Sherlock. And I can't believe that it's the last one for a long time. I don't know if I can stand it! I have become sucked into the fandom of craziness.

Oh, I have to get ready to go to the movie. That means grabbing a couple cans of soup and warming them up for the family.


Monday, June 23, 2014


Well, I changed the music...all new. I found this really great Youtuber his channel is called unofficialscore and he has a lot of fanmade soundtracks for different movies or books and stuff. They're all pretty great and I love listening to them.

Oh my goodness, I'm watching The Empty Hearse right now. OH MY GOSH!!! I just am so happy, this makes me so happy.

AHHH!!! John just saw Sherlock....
Wow, now my dad is watching Sherlock with me.  I think I might have gotten him hooked on it. Yay!

Wellll, I'm going to go watch more Sherlock. Sorry for the short post, but BBC is too awesome.


Sunday, June 22, 2014


Today I read The Maze Runner. It has a lot of potential, and I'm excited to get the second one.

Oh my goodness!!!!! Sherlock season 3, is on Netflix! Well, I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day.
I have a couple TV shows I need to start watching. Like Merlin and Arrow.
Wow, I really don't have a lot of time to watch these TV shows. But hey, I'll make time.

Since today is a sunny day, my mom asked me to help her with yardwork. So for the past 2 hours I have been planting and weeding and piling paper and woodchips onto her garden. I have also been planting a ton of Hens and Chicks.
                                                                                                           That's what Hens and Chicks look like. They are really tiny so they take a long time to get all the thread-like roots up, and then get every single one (without breaking) back into a different hole. Uhg, but hey, I'm helping my mum. 
I've also been listening to a lot more soundtracks. I mean, I listened to soundtracks before. But lately that's all I've been listening to. It's nice, and really inspirational. I have to say that my favorite soundtracks to listen to, are, "Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack, the "Catching Fire" soundtrack. And this hour long album called Aura by Brunuh Ville. I have gotten so many scene's from my book perfectly pictured because of that Album. Oh, and I also really like the Spiderman soundtrack, my favorite being "Saving New York."

Anywho, I better get back out there.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jokes, and Eagles...

Hey guys, not much has happened. It's been pretty normal around here lately (never thought I'd say that).

Urrmm, I got a whole bunch of songs off of Itunes. The funny thing is, I got a $50 gift card for my 10th Birthday, and it STILL hasn't run out. That thing is a never-ending cash flow!

Right now I'm watching some Tim Hawkins 'cuz I'm home alone...and I'm bored...and I could use a good laugh. He's funny. He does a lot of songs that are funny and random. Yay for "The Dogs on Fire."
The name makes it sound like it's really morbid, it's not. I mean, he does his routine for his kids. Anywho, if you want to laugh (and if you have a dog, cover it's ears), then watch it. Warning, I am entertained easily, and I may have a way lower IQ than you, so don't think that if WILL be funny. Just keep your mind open to the possibility that it might just make your night a whole lot better.

Wow, I just realized that I am like a huge blog for advertising things. I should get payed.

OH MY GOSH!!!! My brother just got back from his Board of Review that determines if he gets to be an Eagle Scout or not. And he...GOT IN!!!!! So, now we are playing really sad songs so Ben can get really sad. When my dad comes home, we're going to pretend that Ben didn't get in and see how it goes.

He's home...let's see what happens.
I will update in a sec.
Ben couldn't keep a straight face, so the joke didn't go on too long. Dang it, Ben!

Well, I should go get ready for bed.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Panda Express

Wow, last 3 days = whirlwind.
Okay, on Friday my dad took me to a Mariners game. It was a lot of fun, normally we wouldn't go, but the company he works for has season passes and they give the tickets to their employees for getting a lot of work done and stuff like that. So we went! We got hot dogs (which cost an arm and a leg), and afterwards we went to Panda Express.

Then on Sat. we were having a huge dinner with my grandparents for fathers day. So it took all day to get the food ready and then clean up. The dinner was delicious, and the company was awesome!

Then yesterday (Sun.), we woke up and ate a really yummy breakfast. Then went on a hike to Mt. Si. It was a pretty fun hike, but hard to do with a sprained ankle. There was a lot of inside jokes with my brother that are hilarious, and we were cracking up over.  Nobody else in the car got them. But it was funny.

Well, tonight there is a Court of Honor for my brothers boy-scout troop. And there is a buffet there, full of FOOD!!!!! Yummm. I have to go get ready to leave, we are supposed to wear nice clothes. That is like...1% of my wardrobe. Uhg...


Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hey guys, today I got up at 6:28 and got everything down before 10:00. So the rest of the day was free for me to write, play piano, and work on my mini-house. Yay!!

I am continuing Let it Go on piano, and I am almost finished with mastering the chorus. It feels great!

It's such a sunny day! But unfortunately it is supposed to rain later on in the week. Speaking of later on in the week. My dad is taking me to a Mariners game!! He gets company bonus tickets. I can't wait...

The other day I broke my glasses, so we went in to get them fixed, and guess what, I had to get completely new ones. Since they discontinued the frames that I originally had, I got to pick out new ones. My new ones are black and teal, and a little checkered pattern on the side.We are going to a restaurant in downtown Seattle with my dad for an early Fathers day. On the actual day of Fathers day, we are having a turkey dinner (my dad's favorite) and my grandparents are going to come over.

Well, I better go. I have a very full plate today! :)


Monday, June 9, 2014

The Lego Movie

Today some family friends came over and stayed for  awhile. We played air-soft and hung out talking. And we also watched...THE LEGO MOVIE!!!!!!

It was funny, but it seemed like the more immature humor. I get that it targeted for the younger kids, and that's great. But for me some of the "funny" scenes were too typical and silly to be funny. Though it did have a couple chuckle chuckle moments. Overall it was entertaining and good, but not something that I would buy or anything. But for the younger kids it's awesome!!!

I love talking with Mrs. Murphy. She's so funny, and we actually have good conversations. And they aren't awkward. She's pretty awesome...

Well, today has been a good day! So far I have written quite a bit. Last night I couldn't sleep, so I got up and wrote. It's nice being able to write in the middle of the night. Before, the light from the computer kept Bethany up (we share a room) so I couldn't write at night. I have been begging my mom to move the computer into the classroom, and one day. We did!!!!  So now I can write whenever I want...yay!!

Weeeeeeeell, I'm running out of things to say. We are having Quesadillas for dinner. So....see ya.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garlic Powder

This morning my family made oatmeal, and my dad added vanilla, brown sugar and walnuts. He also reached into the cupboard and grabbed the cinnamon, and without looking he shook some onto his oatmeal. Well, as he was putting it back in the cupboard he got a glance of the label. And it didn't read Cinnamon, it read Garlic Powder...yeah. Let's just say that was the worst tasting oatmeal that he had ever tasted.

Today I grabbed my pellet gun and headed out into the woods for some target practice, I also grabbed a book to do some reading. It was just really awesome being able to sit and shoot the gun, then take a break to read. I also had a muffin, right out of the was still warm.

Well, so far I have glued 3 rows of shingles onto the roof. It is harder than it looks.

Oh, I haveta go shower, we are leaving on errands in an hour and I need to be ready.


Thursday, June 5, 2014


Something awesome happened to me today. Ben and Mom were headed out the door when they both turned to me and asked if I wanted to go with them to get ice cream. Of course I said yes, I mean, it's ice cream!!! So we went to an ice cream place and got the deliciousness. I got an amazing flavor called Mint Chocolate Chip (my favorite). After that, Ben (being the new driver that he is) took the wrong turn and started down the road that took us away from going home. Mom was patient and said "Just turn here, then you can turn around." So we went into that parking lot. It turned out that was the parking lot for the movie theater! And guess what happened next. That's right, Ben went to check what movies were playing because he and a friend were watching a movie later, and Ben wanted to know if something was out of theaters yet.
I walked up to the counter with him, and he started talking to the clerk...helper, what-ever-you-call-em.
I kinda zoned out and started thinking about my book, but then as if a light pierced through the thick fog, I heard 3 words. Tickets. For. Maleficent. And light shined down, and it started to rain rainbows and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was surprising me with seeing Maleficent (the movie I've been really wanting to see). When we got home, he told me he had been planning this for a week. That was pretty cool.



I have found out that my lovely sister reads my posts. Well, she already knows I'm a goofball so that's okay. She said that she finds them entertaining. Hmm, I wonder if other people do too. Right now she's off babysitting. I wish I could babysit, but #1 I'm only 12 and I doubt that people would feel comfortable with me watching their kids. #2 There is only one family in our neighborhood that have kids young enough to be babysat, and Bethany already is babysitting for that family.

Well, lunch today consists of chicken noodle soup, peaches, and...water.

Ever since I started actually working out, and cutting needless carbs out of my diet, I have been feeling a lot more energetic. Yay!

Yesterday I wrote one and a half chapters. I normally write just half of a chapter, but yesterday I was one FIRE (not literally, then that would have been bad)!!
Anyway, I feel pretty good about that.

Anywho, today is such a gorgeous day. I think I'll go on a walk to pick up some new iron-sights for my pellet gun (previous post).


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Pellet Gun

Okay, I know I said I would post on the 5th, but I couldn't wait! Too much has happened.
For starters, I missed posting and decided that I would probably do it every other day instead of just once a day. So that's that.

Also (this is the big news), Ben has had a small pellet gun for quite some time (he got it from Grandpa a couple years ago), and a couple months ago he ordered a better pellet gun, one that was slightly more powerful than a .22 (but since it doesn't shoot real bullets, it's legal for him to own.). I love shooting it, and he got a really nice scope for it, too. Anyway, now he doesn't use the other, smaller caliber, pellet gun. And guess what guys. Nope, guess again. Fine, I'll just tell you. HE GAVE IT TO ME!!!! In the beginning it had just a wood stock, and it didn't look that cool. I mean, that's okay if it didn't look that great. At least I had something to shoot, right? Well, he offered to spray paint it camo. So what it now looks like is a black stock with green and brown spray painted in stripes. It's totally wicked!!
I love it, but I do need to get new iron-sights. The old ones are too crooked.

Also, I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I started back up on Let it Go. I've gotten to the first chorus and I am continuing quicky. Yay!

Today Mom and I went on errands, and one of the errands was stopping at Fred Meyer to fix my glasses. Last night my glasses snapped, and I have had to wear my old ones; they give me headaches. Now I have to wait a week to get my glasses back. So, headaches for one more week.
Another one of the errands was the library. I had 16 books on hold. I know, it's not that many, but I already have 10 others that I also got from the library a week ago. Now I have plenty of books to read. Among the books that I got today is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I've read HP and the Sorcerers Stone, as well as HP and the Chamber of Secrets, so I'm excited to read The Order of the Phoenix.

I have been working on that mini-house. Cutting out shingles is a lot more work than I thought it would be. You have to get every single shingle the exact right length and width, but it's fun to imagine what it's gonna look like when I'm finished with everything.