Continuing vacation posts.
Day 5, Wed. the 23rd.
We woke up and went down to the barn to ride to the cookout for breakfast. It was a yummy breakfast of pancakes and eggs.
After that we rode up to "Goat Cave". It was an...interesting ride for me. I'm not that smooth on a horse so you can imagine why it was...interesting.
We spent an hour at Goat Cave then rode back to the ranch.  After Lunch we hiked up to the side of the bluffs. We then harnessed up and started climbing up to this cable bridge. It was a freaky climb, there were some tough spots, and I'm not good with heights. So after I freaked out inside, I got a grip and finished the climb, all the way up the 30 foot rock wall to the cable bridge. The cable bridge was a thick cable tightrope thing that you had to walk across. It was 40 feet in the air so I was really nervous. So Tucker went in front of me and gave me tips on how to get across easiest. And he also tried to distract me by bringing up other stuff ,it didn't work but it was a nice gesture. After I got across that I had to climb down 20 feet to a rock ledge that they had reinforced. At the end of the rock ledge was a platform and a whole bunch of wires and cables and harnesses. The Giant Swing. After everyone had gone, it was my turn. While I was on the platform getting hooked up, I kinda started to chicken out so Morgan and Tucker started talking to me and reminded me of a story I had told them when I first met them. It was about my previous experience zip-lining. I chickened out and regretted it. So they convinced me to go through with it. I finally stepped off the platform and swung out. I thought that was it but then they started the machine to crank me up really high. I finally got high enough and I was over 40 feet off the ground. They yanked the rope thing that released the safety lock. So I dropped 10 feet then swung out over the canyon. I have to admit, it was so much fun. Then I got back up to the platform and got all unhooked. Then we headed up a staircase and there was the zipline. It was a half a mile long and I got up to 50 MPH. It was blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire course was called the ViaFerrata. The zipline brought us close to our cabins so we hiked back just in time for dinner. Then after dinner we had barn games again. It was such a great day. And everyone was tired out so we headed to bed a bit early.

Hey all, I'm going to try something. I'm going to let Beth write on my blog and see what crazy stuff she says. :)
Section of Beth's writing starts here: Hey guys! I literally love my sister so much. She is my best friend in the entire world. We are always so crazy when we are together and she is so gorgeous. She is my babyyyyy. We are about to snuggle and watch a movie so I am going to go! She loves writing on her blog for you guys so enjoy! (And yes this is actually Bethany and not my sister saying good things about herself.) P.S. If she says anything bad about me, its not true!!! ;P  P.P.S. My name is BETHANY. NOT Beth. XD
End of Beth's writing.

Bethany is really weird, but I love her to death. Anywho, end of crazy experiment.

We are watching OUAT right now. I love this show.