Spoiler Sadness

Hey all, Ben is building a Go-cart, and it is awesome!!! So far he has the frame, wheels, and axles welded together. I can't wait 'till it's finished.

The girls that Bethany babysits are here. They are the cutest thing. Maybelline (May for short), is 5 years old, and is so funny and spunky. Penelope (Nellie for short), is 3 years old and the cutest kid you will ever find. She has these huge brown eyes that are adorable.

NONONONONONONO!!!!! I just read a spoiler on Pinterest about the Divergent series. I am mad because it majorly ruins the series. I won't say what it is because I know how hard it is to skip over spoilers if some of you haven't read the series. Well, that's maddening.

The girls (May, Nellie, Bethany) and I are watching Brave.
I have a slight cold, and I am sore from doing that workout yesterday.
It's funny, I got into that routine a while ago, and it was fine. I stopped waking up sore, but then I got out of that habit and now my bones are aching!!!
It's a good kind of ache though.