Frozen and Caving

I'm just going to jump right in,
Day 6, Thursday the 24th, Caving
Woke up too early, so I was kinda stumbling around like a zombie, especially when I got breakfast. I spilled the orange juice and had to do the walk of shame to our table to grab some napkins. After that we were informed that the family from Ohio was leaving. We had gotten to know them over the half of the week. I mean, if you are dangling over the side of a cliff and the only person in front of you is a person you don't know. You're going to bond with them over the mutual feeling of terror and "OmygoshI'mgoingtodie". So it was sad to see them leave. 
After that We all went to the barn for our regular morning ride. Ziggy was being a little twerp. He has it out for Butterbean (Ben's horse), and every chance he got he would nip him. 
It was the longest morning ride I've ever been on, so we got back just in time for lunch. 
After lunch we had a choice. Caving or another ride. So Ben chose the afternoon ride because he was really getting into the horses. And Lex and Andy chose the ride as well. But the rest of us wanted to do caving. And since the rest of us included Me, Mom, Dad, and Beth. We piled in the car and drove down to the hiking/caving site. It's called Lost Valley national reserve. On the way there we were crying we were laughing so hard (Tucker and Morgan drove us). I can't explain just how fun that car-ride was. :) 
We arrived at the reserve and started on the hike. Morgan told us that if we hiked along the river instead of on the path then their would be more scenic experiences. So we complied and started walking a long the river. This place was amazing. Morgan would stop at every large boulder and inspect the handholds and climb it. And we found a new cave. Tucker saw an opening that he had never seen before and grabbed a flashlight and told us to follow him. Turns out it's a new cave, see, they had a huge rainstorm the week before we came and the dirt must have washed away, revealing the opening to the cave. It wasn't that big, but it was still really cool. We then went up to the really big cave, complete with a built in waterfall. It was really cold water. We then hiked back and drove back to the ranch. Once again, an unforgettable car-ride. :)
Then we had dinner and kinda watched Frozen. That's right. I watched Frozen. And I loved it. 
Then we went to bed. Any questions about Frozen???



  1. Wait, I forgot. Is that your first time watching Frozen?! If so then YAY YAY YAY!!! If not, then that was somewhat uncalled for. What did you think about Hans's betrayal?

    Also, your entire trip sounds like so much fun! I gotta say, I would have been on those horses every chance I got (and I don't think I would have been able to do the 'Swing" you mentioned ;) ).

  2. Yes, this is my first time watching Frozen. And I was kinda hoping Hans would betray Anna. I mean, I was rooting for Kristoff.

    The swing was pretty nerve-wracking. I almost didn't do it, but I'm really glad I did.


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