Today has been so awesome. This morning I woke up early and listened to Jonathan Park for 20 minutes to let myself wake up. Then, I unloaded the dishes and changed the sheets on my bed. I also got my math and typing done (all before 9:00). It was a good morning. Then my mom woke up, and we had devotion, and I now just got done with my cardio workout. That's right, this chub-a-luby is starting to actually work out!! Yeah!!
I am about to go machete the trail in the woods, but I thought I'd write a quick blog post first. 

It has been so hot these past couple of days. I like it either reeeally cold or warm with a nice breeze. It hasn't been warm and there haven't been any breezes. It has been boiling hot, and the closest thing to a breeze is that one tree branch swaying because I just jumped down from it. That's it. I'm not complaining (well, maybe a little bit), and I am happy that it's not 5,000,000 degrees outside (if it was it wouldn't matter because we would all be dead), but still.

Wow, not a lot has happened today.

Okay, I just got back from clearing the trail, and my arms are shot! I forgot how hard is.
Anyway, I'm going to watch the season finale of Agents of Shield. I am so excited to see how horrible it is, I mean, it's just so sad!
Well, I'm going to go grab a fuzzy blanket and some snacks.


  1. I'm about to watch it too! FITZSIMMONS!!! D: D: D: (I fear the worst, this is Marvel we're dealing with).

  2. Oh man, it is so awesome/horrible. But I need to know what's happening with Fitz!! Uhg...the waiting is going to be horrible.


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