Hey guys, continuing yesterday's post...

So far I have covered Day 1, 2, and 3. Moving on to four.

Day Four, Tuesday the 22nd, Canoeing.
We woke up and headed to breakfast, it was delicious (as usual), and Bethany and I had a hard time choosing between Canoeing or Climbing. See, we had 2 things on the schedule. Climbing or Canoeing. So Beth and I finally chose Canoeing, but Ben chose climbing.
Anywho, we grabbed our swim suits just in case and headed down to the van with everyone to go to the river. Everyone included the couple from London (Andy and Lex), then the family from Ohio (Nathan, Jenn, Isaac, Olivia), and us (Mom, Dad, Bethany, and Me!!). After we all piled in our different canoes we shoved off and it was amazing. There were a couple rapids but nothing major. It was a 6 hour canoe ride and there were turtles and birds everywhere. As well as Butterflies and freshly blossomed Dogwoods, as well as Red-buds. They were so pretty. The water was crystal clear, and it was so hot. So 3 of the guys (Nathan, Isaac, Morgan) jumped off a cliff into the water. After that we stopped and had lunch along one of the beaches, then we hiked up to a waterfall. There were so many butterflies...
I had a lot of fun. And Mom and Dad fell into the river. There was a lot of shrieking and they ended up soaked.
After we got back to the ranch I noticed I was burned REALLY bad. Like, the side of my face is still red from it, as well as my arm and wrist. I'm going to have really weird tan-lines.
It was an hour before dinner so we all grabbed our horses and did a short trail-ride. Then it was dinner and after that the Twilight Ride. What that is, is a ride for 16 and up. It's supposed to give the parents a chance to get away from their kids for a half and hour. Anywho, all the kids (including myself) ended up watching The Croods. Then the parents got back and by then it was 9:30, so we all went to bed.
Anyway, that was day four.

Speaking of Four, I finished Divergent! It was really good. I would say more but I don't want to give out Spoilers....
Anywho, so yes, I would give it 5 stars!! 5 thumbs up! 5...elephants....(I have no idea what that's supposed to mean).
I havta go help clean up the house, the party is tomorrow so we have to clean, clean, clean.