30 to 5

Ok, so as you might have noticed, I haven't been posting every day. I realized that as much as I enjoy posting, it does take up a considerable amount of time (for me at least). And some things that I think should get done, don't exactly get done. So, I am going to try an experiment, for a week I am going to manage my time differently, if I can I will gladly fit in posting stuff. But if it doesn't work out that I can get to posting, then it will be fine, since it will not be a priority.

Once again, this is for an expiration and for a week only. From the 30th (tomorrow) to the 5th (next Thursday).

I love posting but really think that I should try to boost my time use awareness.

Until the 5th, this is...( I need a name for myself, like those dudes on the radio)...E.G.Y. (My initials. Clever, I know.)